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Do You Need A Shower Curtain? Here’s How To Choose & Maintain One

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A shower curtain is very essential and vital for bathroom accessory. Particularly, if your bathroom requires the use of one.

They ensure privacy in the bath space and prevent water from splashing all over your bathroom floor. As well, they add style to your bathroom.

Merely, it is not necessary to install shower curtains for bathrooms, especially where the rate of humidity is too high to avoid rust or moisture. In this case, you can put sliding doors in glass or make your shower area large enough so that you won’t have water all over the bathroom floor.

Good thing, these days people are designing their showers with creative entrances to allow people to be hidden while showering without the use of a curtain.

However, if you’re a person who prefers privacy, go ahead and provide shower curtains for modesty protection, particularly, in your guest bathrooms.

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Convinced about adding this bathroom accessory, then learn how to choose a quality one:

How To Choose Quality Shower Curtains

While shower curtains are one of the most easily customizable elements of a bathroom, you may become overwhelmed quickly when picking one without some guidance. Thus, these factors to put in place:

1. Fabric Choice

Shower curtains come in various types of material, as follows:

  • Fabrics with a vinyl lining that repels water, which is strictly for privacy and decorative purposes,
  • Vinyl shower curtains which function as a water barrier and shower curtain, and,
  • Fabric shower curtains with an added treatment to help them repel water.

If you are prioritizing style over budget, then a fabric shower curtain paired with a vinyl liner will give off a classier vibe in your bathroom. 

For a more budget-friendly option, then a vinyl shower curtain will be suitable. These have no elegant touch though they are easy to maintain, repel water naturally, and are less prone to mildew and mold.

Do You Need A Shower Curtain? Here's How To Choose & Maintain One
Courtesy: Christine Dovey

There are also cotton curtains that can be the most durable and are also the easiest to wash but must be done each month. Due to their fabric and look, cotton shower curtains can a more luxurious feel to your bathroom.

Cotton absorbs moisture easily, so, if you do buy a cotton curtain, remember to get a quality liner to go with it.

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2. The Size

Do You Need A Shower Curtain? Here's How To Choose & Maintain One
Courtesy: Art by JWP

The standard size of a shower curtain is 72 x 72 inches, and this curtain length extends to the floor and covers the tub.

Depending on your preference, you might prefer a curtain that reaches all the way to the bathroom floor or one that is ‘floating’ which hangs just to the edge of the tub.

Most importantly, do not allow the curtain to touch the bottom of the shower. Cut it off and trim just short if necessary.

Pro Tip…

You will need to measure before you buy a shower curtain because buying one that’s too short or not wide enough means a daily flood on the floor. On the other hand, buying one too long means dirt and moisture pickup.

3. The Shower Curtain Rod

Do You Need A Shower Curtain? Here's How To Choose & Maintain One
Courtesy: Bou Clair

A shower curtain makes a big statement in your bathroom, but it is important to consider the shower curtain rod as well.

The right shower rod for you is the one that fixes to the wall perfectly and holds the curtain firmly in place. Also, it will not sag and the curtain will slide effortlessly on it. Lastly, it will complement the bathroom interior.

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    For contemporary, minimalist bathrooms, go for rods made of natural steel, have straight lines and high gloss finishes. 

    On the other hand, vintage, rustic, and eclectic bathroom spaces look best with mat black finishes or rusty-looking materials such as copper or brass. 

    4. The Pattern

    Shower curtains come in endless colors and patterns, thus, there is always something for everyone.

    While the choice of the pattern will ultimately boil down to your style preferences, the best shower curtains tend to be the ones that match and accentuate the rest of your bathroom decor effectively. 

    Remember to pick a variety of shower curtains.

    That way, you can switch out your current shower curtain for a fresh one to create a specific seasonal look or totally makeover your bathroom without spending too much time and effort.

    However, avoid cheesy patterns or drawings in your bathroom as they might look very unappealing.

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    5. The Hooks or Rings

    Not all shower curtains require hooks or when they’re attached to a shower curtain rod. There are hookless curtains that can be grommet-holed or buttoned.

    Now go ahead and pick an amazing shower curtain for your bathroom. And without further ado, let’s give a rundown of some of our favorite shower curtains ideas below:

    Ideas For Decorating Your Bathroom With Shower Curtains

    1. Enclose Your Stand-Alone Bathtub

    If on a bathtub that is stand-alone or has no sliding doors, yes, install a rod and add a shower curtain. then you will not get water on the floor.

    2. Separate The Showering Area

    Do You Need A Shower Curtain? Here's How To Choose & Maintain One
    Courtesy: Terra and Tint

    3. Add Style to your Space

    Many would recommend using shower enclosures either acrylic plastic or tempered glass instead of shower curtains. While they will serve you in the long run as well as increase your bathroom’s appeal, this process might cost more.

    That’s where shower curtains step in!

    Do You Need A Shower Curtain? Here's How To Choose & Maintain One
    Courtesy: Terra and Tint

    They are a cheaper alternative and depending on your choise of color and pattern, they will add style and dimension to your space without breaking the bank.

    In fact, if you still require privacy even if you have glass enclosures, you may want to add shower curtains.

    4. Just Keep The Water Off!

    5. Added Privacy

    Do You Need A Shower Curtain? Here's How To Choose & Maintain One
    Courtesy: How I Rent

    Caring For Shower Curtains

    1. Pick Shower Curtains With Liners

    Although there are shower curtains that are attractive, water-resistant, and perform well without a liner, having a liner is an added improvement.

    Shower curtain liners are relatively inexpensive, help reduce excess moisture in the bathroom, and prevent unwanted bacteria, mold, and mildew growth.

    Also, note that a cheap plastic liner is fine if you change it regularly and keep it thoroughly clean. But you’ll need to replace it every six months—or sooner if necessary—because it tends to show water stains, soap scum, and mildew.

    Pro Tip…

    NEVER pick plastic shower curtains! While plastic is cheap and easy to clean, and you won’t feel bad about tossing it when you get tired of it, they look, awfully cheap. Skip them if you want to inject elegance into your bathroom.

    A fabric liner made of polyester, is pretty water-resistant and also very spalike, thus, a better recommendation.

    Do You Need A Shower Curtain? Here's How To Choose & Maintain One
    Courtesy: Terra and Tint
    Do You Need A Shower Curtain? Here's How To Choose & Maintain One
    Courtesy: Wrapped in Lace

    2. Have an Exhaust Fan

    Many people don’t use shower curtains as over time, they get moldy and this can become unsightly and unhygienic.

    One thing we have found important is to have the exhaust fan on while showering and even after, for approximately 30 minutes after showering to clear out moisture. You can also leave the door open to facilitate air movement.

    The circulation of air will minimize the problem of mold, which is what you want to do.

    If you can’t have an exhaust fan, then right after a shower, remember to leave the curtain open for air to properly circulate and dry out the curtain.

    Preferably, spread the curtain out to its maximum extent and make sure that the folds are reasonably even. This helps it dry quickly and looks better than a retracted curtain.

    After a while, though, it’s best to close the curtain so it, too, can dry fully. Otherwise, there’s the risk of mold/mildew in areas that stay moist.

    You want the curtain/liner to dry as quickly as possible to minimize trapped moisture that can lead to mold.

    Thus, the last thing you would want to do is leave the curtain right up against the wall, preventing air circulation.

    In either case, the bathroom exhaust fan should run both during and after showering to carry away moisture in the air.

    3. Use A Mold Killer

    To get rid of mold, do not use bleach on your shower curtains because it does not kill mold, it only hides it. Most home stores carry a mold killer. I would highly suggest giving it a try.

    4. Choose Curtains with an Anti-Mildew Coating

    When buying a shower curtain, consider looking for products that have an anti-bacterial and anti-mildew coating.

    This will protect your shower curtain from mold, which is very common in the humid, damp environment of a bathroom.

    5. Keep Your Shower Curtains Off The Floor

    Your shower curtain is not supposed to touch the floor to prevent the bottom of the curtain from collecting too much moisture and dirt.

    Thus, leave between three to five inches of space between the curtain hem and the bathroom floor.

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    Do You Need A Shower Curtain? Here's How To Choose & Maintain One

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