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Would You Try A Maximalist Living Room?

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Minimalist interior design has been on rage in the design industry and lovers of muted color palettes, crisp white walls, and fewer furnishings embraced the trend. But hey, would you try a maximalist interior design and create a maximalist living room?

Well, while the minimalist décor follows a less-is-more approach, the maximalist trend follows a more-is-more approach.


An eclectic design style almost seems similar to maximalist décor but an eclectic design mixes different design styles, which can also include minimalist design while maximalist design only mixes different décor styles which can include Bohemian, Scandinavian, antique or vintage décor.

Ready to get started about creating a maximalist design in your home? Then let’s start with your living room! These tips can surely apply no matter the room you are redesigning.

Quick Hack:

Be sure to clear your home of clutter, dust it up and make it shine to accommodate maximalist décor ideas.

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5 Tips for Creating a Maximalist Living Room

‘Maximalist has such an emotional quality to it because you are drawing upon things you love’ – Sasha Bikoff, an Interior Designer.

1. Lots of Color

A maximalist living room clearly has ‘that extra’ vibe that attracts the eye. And first off, with color!

There are no rules when it comes to adding color to your living room.  You can:

  • Add a little, or a lot of bold, bright or warm colors
  • Mix unrealistic color combinations and ensure they all work together.

Some of the widely incorporated colors include:

a. Yellow

If your space doesn’t get much natural light, do not fret- just add the color yellow to help brighten the interiors and save them from looking gloomy.

b. Blue

Blues belong to the cool color family and extremely versatile.

When experimenting with blue, you can add a dark shade of blue as a wall color in your living room or corridor to exhibit a heat collection of beautiful porcelain or have bold blue sofa sets.

c. Orange

Orange is a beautiful and contemporary color that works great as a complementary hue to an existing color scheme.

The color is rather dominating, no matter what the shade. It is a delicate balance between having it come off interesting and sophisticated in a room rather than over-the-top.

  • The simplest way of achieving this is to go for the white and orange combination.
  • You can also perfectly put together the dominating color with pops of vibrant hue and keep it well balanced. This creates an eclectic space.

d. Green

Pops of green here and there like a green chair creates a show-stealer in your living room!

e. Red

Red has to be a super bold color and a couple of red seats or a red rug can do the trick.

f. Purple

Deep purple is definitely the maximalist’s color and when used for seats, pillows or rugs, velvet or fur fabric can speak a lot!

Quick Hack:

To add color the easier way, be sure to brighten up your furnishings – use brightly colored cushion covers, runners, throws, and sheets ( especially those in raw silk and velvet) to make your living room perfect!

2. Standout Artwork

The best way of having standout artwork in your living room is by creating a gallery wall that features different pieces of artwork that can be more or just clearly vivid.

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    Standout wallpapers and beautiful backdrops can also add a quizzical artsy effect in your living room.

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    Quick Hack:

    Use different styles of art, a mix of frames, and a range of sizes. You can also have different colors as long as your wall of art connects with your wall color.

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    3. Tons of Patterns and Textures

    Using textures in your interiors truly brings the décor of the room together. You can use diverse patterns that all come together and compliment the overall look of the house.

    For example, a patterned rug pulls an area together which accent pillows

    Quick Hacks:

    • Scale correctly– in this case, have items of different sizes
    • Feature pieces that have the same color hues in equal intensity. You can also feature pieces in the same color family but of different hues.
    • Offset your patterns by a solid color. For example: have the fur rug and decorative pillows complement the solid sofas so well.

    Pattern and texture play indeed!

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    4. Bold Paint Choices

    Ever thought about having bold paint in your living room?

    Well, many choose the safe route and keep neutral paint especially for the walls and this is a good choice.

    However, if you are more daring, you can work with bolder colors like dark blue, deep yellow, sky blue or deep red.

    Quick Hack:

    If you want to be safe when using bolder paint choices, dress up your walls by adopting wallpapers instead. At least, these can always be removed now and then, especially when the bold paint gets overwhelming.

    You can also choose to keep your walls neutral and go bold on the ceiling alone. I mean, paint the ceiling bold or have a wallpapered ceiling too.

    5. Keep It Cohesive

    Just because there is a lot of colors, patterns, and artwork going on in your living room, that is no reason to keep your room cluttered.

    Connect the pieces together and listen to your gut. If you feel like the room is so loud for you, remove some items so that eventually, you’ll be seated in a maximalist living room that is comfortable enough for you.

    Quick Hack:

    If you’re looking for a way to connect the pieces together, consider a standout accessory then build around it. For example: if you picked a bold sofa set, coordinate its color with other colors in the same family or those that can clearly match.

    I would love a bold yellow sofa with large black and white wallpapers!

    Bold colors and patterns are essential ingredients in a maximalist-inspired home. The wallpapers, statement artwork, curtains, the row of bookshelves, graphic prints, decorative accessories or decorative floor tiles make it all work.

    Here are more maximalist living room ideas…

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    So, would you also try a maximalist living room? Would you cherish a bold and colorful maximalist-inspired room?

    Please share your thoughts in the comments below…


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