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What To Pack For A Beach Vacation {An Illustrative Guide}

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In a style rut about what to pack for a beach vacation? I got you!

What we all yearn for! Go for that beach vacation that we have been seriously planning for!

Go to bask in the sun in Dreamland beach in Bali, Indonesia! Or go for that treat at the spa by the beach in the Maldives. Oh my!

Such are fantastic occasions especially when you are headed to a hot destination!

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But just what do you pack for a beach vacation, to ensure that you are slaying all time long?

How do you ensure that what you are packing is not only necessary but also that ideal traffic-stopping outfit?

Well, here’s what I do!

Ride along to find out 5 tips on packing for what you’ll wear to your hot beach vacation and yes, six awesome beach sets that will send you shopping right now!

These essentials will be awesome no matter the beach destination you are headed to; from El Matador beach in California to Diani beach in Kenya and from Treasure Beach in Jamaica to Baia do Sancho in Jamaica!

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    5 Tips On Packing For A Hot Beach Vacation

    1. Embrace loose, comfy and light fabrics.

    Usually, we go to the beach during summer or rather, warmer seasons so where will you even need to wear your trench coat? Or your thigh high boots? Maybe at night when it gets so breezy?

    Go for cotton or linen which is not only light but helps to absorb as much sweat.

    This will help you feel comfortable even when it gets hot unlike wearing faux leather which can get you melting from the heat and even feel so gross and burning!

    2. Play around with your beach gear!

    Beach vibes call for swim suits and bikinis usually, right? So instead of having just a few boring pieces of swim gear, why not play around with prints and designs?

    What To Pack For A Beach Vacation

    As well, play around with the outfits.

    For instance: Pack a double set for Monday and a tribal print bikini for Tuesday. A pair of denim booty shorts for Wednesday and a bodysuit for Thursday.

    A floral print bikini for Friday and striped one piece set for Saturday. And a basic tee or tank top or that airy dress for Sunday! So many options for a beach vacation instead of carrying a million bikinis!

    3. Bring along pretty layers!

    Honey, I know you love bikinis…just as I do! But we actually can’t be in bikinis all time long especially when we want to visit the street markets around the beach, right?

    What To Pack For A Beach Vacation

    So instead of going back to the hotel to get dressed, just ensure that as you pack for your beach vacation, you have your kimono in your carrier!

    Kimonos are such a jam till now and I don’t know what you have been doing if you still have none!

    With a light kimono, you can layer over your bikini and you’ll be good to go!

    Click HERE to Shop Kimonos On Rosegal {Clique Aqui

    4. Don’t forget to pack the accessories!

    Accessories are still every girl’s best friend so there is no point of not packing them in for your beach vacation.

    What To Pack For A Beach Vacation

    From the sun hats to the floppy hats. From the sunglasses to the bangles and anklets.

    From the bags to the shoes; cross-body bags and sling bags are easier to bring along to the beach while slip-ons, flip flops, sandals and flat open heels are always much better than closed shoes.

    Basically, learn to dress up with statement accessories and jewelry.

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    5.Pack your protective lotions and creams.

    Beach swag entails more showing skin than normally. I mean, flaunting the long pretty legs and the cute arms, your bum and tummy so definitely, you will be exposed to sun rays.

    For some of us, too much sun causes breakouts and sunburns which are not only ugly but also irritating.

    So the best way to be safe is by bringing along that perfect sunscreen and other protective gear.

    Above all, being well groomed is important! More skin is going to be out there and we don’t enjoy seeing cracked skin or even so, the-hairy-in-all-unnecessary-places type of skin!

    So one must eat healthy, drink a lot of water, exercise often, groom properly and use creams that work on your skin!

    Beach Accessories

    With those 5 tips, you can pack for that beach vacation without a fuss, when the season calls for it!

    And here are 6 ways of rocking beach wear during your vacay like the fashionista you are!


    1. Yes To Patterns!

    When headed to a beach vacay in the Carribean, just kill it as Rihanna does it! I mean, go all colorful and quizzical with fun prints. What To Pack For A Beach Vacation

    I treasure bikinis for the beach; and we all do!

    This bikini in gold and orange is just every girl’s choice since the colors, the design and the prints are just too attractive and perfect for Treasure beach in Jamaica!

    As Riri does it, you can also get a fun pareo wrap to tie around your waist!

    2. Inner Wear For The Beach

    Who said that inner wear can’t be worn to the beach?

    I know that we can’t always afford swimsuits at times and also, swimsuits are made to handle water while your underwear isn’t.

    But if you got those pretty under garments, then rock them to the beach.

    Just don’t swim a lot with it since the underwear does not dry fast. You don’t want to be walking around with wet ones!

    What To Pack For A Beach Vacation

    But anyway, you can rock this one in Baio do Sancho, Brazil and turn heads all the way!

    I’m certain we can wear this one while taking a classic walk on the beach, right?

    3. The One-Piece Body Suit

    Don’t forget to pack your body suit for your vacation!

    Body suits are everywhere! And good enough, ladies are rocking them to the streets too when paired with trousers or shorts or even skirts.

    So when it comes to killing the beach swag, just opt for the prettiest body suit.

    And when you feel like heading on to a brunch with the girls, just throw on a pair of cute cutoff shorts!

    What To Pack For A Beach Vacation

    This one is in floral prints and has a V-neck to add an inch of sexiness and glamour to the whole bodysuit.

    And the pair is just perfect! Pretty sunglasses, pretty kimono! Pretty accessories! And pretty everything!

    4. The Double Set

    The double set has been one of the designers favorites this year since a lot of clothes have been designed as double and triple sets.

    And this beach wear is no exception.

    For those with no much gut to rock bikinis, then the double set is meant for you!

    Just get a pretty one and be sure to slay on your beach vacation!

    What To Pack For A Beach Vacation

    Most especially, this is such an easy outfit to throw on as you run out of the door to go explore the restaurants outside and the beach in general.

    5. The Bohemian Look

    What To Pack For A Beach Vacation

    A maxi skirt, or rather , a bohemian maxi skirt is an absolute must have for summer sine you can perfectly take it to the beach.

    Bright, colorful, flowing and very feminine, the maxi skirt is one of those articles of clothing that will never go out of style.

    It is perfect for a hot day on the beach, its long and breezy fabric keeps you cool and its classic lines give you effortless chic.

    What To Pack For A Beach Vacation

    You can wear it with wedged heels when rushing to a lunch date with your spouse or even rock it with flat shoes for a stroll down the beach!

    Honestly, nothing feels better when you’re on a boat than a flowy skirt that catches the wind.

    6. Going All Kendal Jenner In Romper Shorts

    What To Pack For A Beach Vacation

    The Kendall Jenner guide to looking chic at the beach includes sections on breezy linen rompers, lace-up shoes and a classic pretty lip.

    So when you are spoilt for choice, please pack that cute pair of romper shorts and bring them along to Diani Beach!

    Beach Wear

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    What To Pack For A Beach Vacation {An Illustrative Guide}

    Well, that’s it ladies! No more stress when it comes to pack for you beach vacation! So, set do you love most? And what tips do you consider when packing for your beach vacation?

    Please share your thoughts with me below…


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    1. Marjie Mare says

      All those items are absolutely beautiful. I know I would be hot with that floral romper, the sandals, and the hat.

    2. Michelle says

      I absolutely love these looks you put together, they look amazing. Makes me want to go on a beach holiday!! 🙂

    3. Brittany says

      This makes me want to take a beach vacation (I already live on the beach…but a different one! HA)> I love all the accessories!

    4. Olga Zak says

      I love all these items. These are pretty matching for a beach vacation. I would like to go on a beach holiday!! Thanks for sharing.

    5. Jackie says

      Some excellent tips for sure! Now I just need to book my beach vacation and I will be good to go 😉

      Jackie – Organised Mum Life

    6. Renata - says

      I don’t spend much time on the beach when travelling. And if I’m hot, I actually do not look hot 😀 But I honestly admire women who dress up even as the temperature is in the 100….

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Haha…I completely get you Renata! I wonder why we never think we are hot even when we are? Oops!But even so, when it’s hot, it’s proper to keep it light in order to feel and look ‘hot’?

    7. Kristen Kirk says

      I’m loving that innerwear for the beach look. I would have never considered putting hot pink with baby blue, but I love it.

    8. Lisa says

      How I like these sets! In my underwear, I will feel uncomfortable on the beach. Although it happens that when you pass by the beach you want to swim 🙂

    9. The Panicked Foodie says

      LOVE the gold, red, and green bikini!! All of the items you have shown here are absolutely stunning. I also really enjoyed the bohemian maxi look. Not sure how good I would look in that though 🙂

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        That’s my favourite too!
        Anyway, I’m sure you’d look as good in the bohemian maxi especially with just the right pair. Thanks for the love?

    10. Backpacking Series says

      Lovely.. your post has given so many amazing ideas about the beach look, want to get their now. But that would mean shop first. What an irony that am reading this post from the Himalayan mountains! I will have to wait but these ideas will give me enough time to plan for this perfect beach vacation!

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Oh my! You’re at the Himalayas?! Sounds so awesome and when you definitely start planning for your beach vacation, you got tipped on how to get your outfits lol!

    11. Amber Myers says

      Everything is so pretty! I probably look like a hot mess at the beach, but I’m okay with that. I’m going to relax, not worry what I look like. I mostly love to read on the beach with a floppy hat.

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Haha, a hot mess Amber? Sounds funny…but you I think you look nice with a floppy hat on lol! And reading by the beach sounds cool.

    12. Diana says

      The double set is my favorite, but all of these looks are so cute and fashionable! Now I want to go to the beach!

    13. Princess Quinn says

      I love them all. When it’s summer, I opt to travel light. Because, not only that I don’t want to bring heavy-bulky bag, I also get to walk and tour like a local wherever summer destination I go. That gives me the feels.

    14. Tawnya says

      I just got back from a beach vacation, too bad I didn’t read this sooner! I like all the different options you show, although I tend to wear the same outfits or types of outfits when I’m at the beach. The one thing I’ll need to add is a sun hat.

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Aaaaw! That’s so awesome Tawnya…wish I had this before but it’s okay, there’s still a next time. Happy you loved the looks and yeah, a sun hat is just a must have.

    15. Angela Ricardo Bethea says

      Those outfits you came up with look amazing. It’s always a must to take care of your skin so bringing your protective lotions and cream can help a lot during your sunny vacation.

    16. Summer Mitch Ryan says

      Oooh sexy! Love everything here. But I think I love the bohemian style the most.

    17. Rose Sahetapy says

      I couldn’t agree more with your suggestions. I just backed from a beach vacation and yes, looking hot and stylish is a really a great idea. And again, skin protection is important. Love this round up! The Bohemian Maxi is my favourite.

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Aaaw! That one definitely killed it girl! Too bad Polyvore is no more since you’d have shopped there lol??
        But I hope that you get one as pretty.

    18. Laurie Gannon says

      You have selected so many beautiful pieces for the beach. I love all of the colors! I need to find a cute cover-up for my upcoming vacation and maybe some new sunnies. And I need about two or three tubes of SPF 100 sunscreen. 🙂

    19. Anosa says

      These are some really great ideas you’ve put together, will definitely be looking at this next am off to my beach vacay


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