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Top 20 Unique Things To Do In Mauritius For The Best Experience

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Mauritius is a beautiful island: full of lush green vegetation, clean beaches, and rich underwater life.

While many people visit Mauritius to enjoy sunbathing on the beach, horseback riding on the beach and safe swimming, there are so many unique things to in Mauritius.

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In this list, we explore 20 unique things to do in Mauritius that will ensure you make the most of your time while on the island.

While you can always explore the island by yourself, I’d advise anyone visiting Mauritius to go on a guided tour since it can be so expensive to go on a solo travel tour in Mauritius.

At times, you might not even know the best places to visit in Mauritius and eventually, you might not end up making the most of your stay.

So yes, cheers to a guided tour, especially if you are a first-time traveler in Mauritius.

Top 20 Unique Things To Do In Mauritius For The Best Experience

So, here are:

20 Unique Things to do in Mauritius

1. Swim with dolphins

Every sea diver admits that they love seeing dolphins, playing and swimming with them.

Those creatures are definitely adorable- cheerful and graceful.

If you go to Mauritius, you’d definitely want to swim with wild dolphins in their natural environment.

The dolphins can be observed casually from Tamarin, on the west coast of Mauritius on their way to the deep sea off the coast of Le Peninsula, early in the morning.

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Guided Dolphin Encounter 

2. Go on a seaplane tour

Want to see the crystal-clear waters of the Indian Ocean, beautiful beaches, coral islands and yachts sailing from above?

Then a seaplane tour is what you’ll need while in Mauritius.

3. Go on a catamaran cruise

If you want to experience luxury in Mauritius, then consider going on an exclusive catamaran cruise around Mauritius.

Imagine having a whole catamaran boat and crew to yourself?

Or let’s say a fully customized cruise tailored just for you.

Anyone would love to sail through the crystal-clear waters, sunbath on the white sandy beaches and snorkel inside the lagoons as you explore marine life.

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    Your Catamaran Cruise

    4. Go on a sea kart adventure

    Go on an exclusive sea kart tour as you race through the breath-taking views and watch Mauritius marine life on a horsepower jet engine.

    You can take several stops at interesting stops like Crystal Rock and Le Morne Mountain.

    Book your Speed Boat Tour>>

    Full-Day Ile aux Cerfs Speedboat Tour

    5. Go ziplining

    Are you an adrenaline junkie?

    Then go on a zipline adventure at Vallee des Couleurs and enjoy the beautiful surroundings as you spot animals from above.

    Experience the true beauty in this natural reserve on a super-long zipline of 1.5 km!

    6. A Quad Bike Ride

    Mauritius has an amazing natural reserve that extends over 4500 hectares.

    Think of a savanna safari on an island and think of the Yemen reserve.

    This spot is amazing for quad bike rides as you spot animals along the way.

    You can also go on an exclusive quad bike ride with an accompanying guide and one-on-one stops for seeing animals during your ride.

    The park is open every day and the quad bike rides go for an hour, between 9.00 am- 4.00 pm.

    7. La Vanille Crocodile & Giant Tortoise Park

    This Crocodile & Giant Tortoise Tortoise Park has an amazing collection of animals, reptiles, and plants.

    As you walk through the park, the guides will lead you along as you see the Nile crocodiles and giant Aldabra tortoises.

    The park is open every day from 9:30 am – 5:00 pm.

    To gain entry into the park, get an entrance ticket at 13 Euros per adult and 7 Euros per child (3-12 years).

    Book Your Discovery Tour>>

    A Quad Bike ride, Ziplining, La Vanille Park, Eau Bleue & Rochester Falls

    8. Fly over the iconic underwater waterfall

    The underwater waterfall in Mauritius is one of the most unique geological formations in the world.

    It is located in the southern west tip of the island near Le Morne Brabant, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

    This underwater waterfall can be best seen from a helicopter where you can marvel at the spectacular and breath-taking view!

    You’ll definitely use that helicopter ride to the famous underwater waterfalls!

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    Book Your Tour>>

    Underwater Waterfall Sightseeing Tour

    9. See the Hindu Temple

    While there are so many beautiful Hindu Temples in Mauritius, the Grand Bassin has to be home to the most beautiful of the Temples.

    The Grand Bassin is a crater lake sacred to Hindus and during Maha Shivaratri (taking place at the end of February to early March each year), Hindus make a pilgrimage to the lake, which is the holiest place in the island.

    If you travel to Mauritius at this time, don’t miss this big Hindu festival.

    Book Your Private Tour>>

    Visit Trou aux Cerfs extinct volcano, Mare aux Vacoas reservoir, Grand Bassin (Ganga Talao) sacred lake and Hindu temple, the Black River Gorge viewpoint, and Alexandra waterfalls

    10. Watch the sunset

    The sunsets are beautiful! And you’d definitely watch to spot beautiful sunsets in Mauritius.

    In fact, you can go on a two-hour Sunset Cruise just to enjoy this beauty!

    Some of the best spots to see the sunset in Mauritius include Flic en Flac beach, La Preneuse beach slightly further south in Black River, Le Morne, Trou aux Biches beach, Ile aux Cerfs, Grand Bay beach, and a sunset catamaran cruise.

    11. Swim in clear blue waters in front of the Eau Bleue waterfalls

    Imagine swimming just in front of the Eau Blueu waterfalls where wild branches hand down the crystal clear waters?

    Anyone would definitely use a plunge into this natural pool after the sweaty hike.

    Some of the few tips when visiting Eau Bleue include:

    • Bringing a mosquito repellant because there could be mosquitoes around.
    • Don’t swim too deep unless you’re such a good swimmer.
    • The paths are quite slippery so be careful when climbing.

    Here is a complete guide to touring Eau Bleue Waterfalls on Culture Travel Site:

    Discovering Eau Bleue Waterfalls

    12. Go paddleboarding at Mont Choisy

    Some of the popular water sports include paddling when standing up. Popularly known as the Standup Paddle.

    At Mont Choisy, one of the most beautiful lagoons with crystal blue waters, you can join the qualified team on this beach on North Mauritius for the fun activity.

    You’ll be briefed on how to paddle standing up through the clear waters.

    13. Enjoy local Mauritian cuisine on the beach

    A trip to Mauritius is not complete without enjoying the local Mauritian foods.

    Imagine Indian, Chinese, French and Creole. All-together?!The cuisines are must-have while in Mauritius.

    Among other dishes, there is a rich selection of spicy dishes, fruit dishes like papaya and coconut pies with freshly grated coconut for dessert, sweet potato cakes, and cassava cake and much more to enjoy.

    Book Your Food Tour>>

    Port Louis Street Food Tour

    14. Spa Day in Domaine Des Alizees

    No holiday vacation is complete without a visit to the spa!

    In Mauritius, Domaine des Alizees is the ideal choice of accommodation. It is a luxurious destination and one of the most touristic destinations in Mauritius.

    The hotel & spa is located in Pereybere: it features a spacious landscaped garden, pool loungers, a lounge club, a fitness room, several swimming pools, a restaurant and a spa offering a good selection of massages.

    After a long day of hiking, you’ll need some good massage here.

    Book Your Stay>>

    15. Hike Le Morne

    Le Morne Brabant is one of the most beautiful spots in Mauritius.

    This UNESCO Heritage site features beautiful beaches, resorts, and hiking trails just for you!

    From the hilltop, you can see clearly the crystal blue waters and clean beaches.

    You can also wait to see the beautiful sunset from this spot.

    Here is a complete guide to hiking Le Morne on the Journey Wonders Site.

    Book Your Hiking Tour>>

    Hike Le Morne Brabant Peninsula

    16. Canyoning

    The Tamarind Falls in Mauritius is a great canyoning spot for all those who love adventure.

    Think of 11 waterfalls, multiple jumps, deep ponds, and surrounding lush green vegetation and think of canyoning in one of the most beautiful canyons in the island.

    This canyoning trip is an ideal excursion for those seeking more thrill to add to the zip lining exercise at Valee.

    17. Sky diving

    Another adrenaline-pumping adventure this is!

    Enjoy a flight as you see the beautiful and spectacular landscape of Mauritius: the crystal-clear waters, the beautiful sandy beaches and the lush green vegetation from above.

    If you’re a first-time skydiver, you can be exposed to tandem skydiving where you receive basic training on the whole process of skydiving.

    18. Snorkeling

    Top 20 Unique Things To Do In Mauritius For The Best Experience


    If you have a single day to tour Mauritius, then don’t miss this activity. Don’t miss snorkeling in Mauritius.

    It is best to go snorkeling earlier in the day until 10 am where you can see the rich marine life.

    Here is a complete guide to snorkeling in Mauritius on Mauritius Inside Out Blog.

    19. Diving

    Sea divers will have a lifetime experience in Mauritius!

    In the crystal-blue waters of the Indian Ocean, you can experience diving and see the rich marine life.

    The best period for diving is during the summer period, from October to April. During this period, visibility is super-good and one can go diving both inside and outside the lagoon.

    20. Stay at the most romantic Bubble

    To complete your visit to Mauritius, be sure to stay at this transparent bubble lodge.

    This Bubble Lodge is indeed a romantic and private getaway: first off, for all those seeking a honeymoon destination, look no further than spending it at the Bubble Lodge in Mauritius.

    The lodge is nestled in the midst of a beautiful tea plantation at Domaine de Bois Cheri overlooking a natural crater lake.

    It is indeed the epitome of luxury on the island. Imagine going to sleep in a cozy transparent bubble while watching the star-splashed night sky?

    Anyone would love this!

    Stay In Bubble Lodge>>

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    Top 20 Unique Things To Do In Mauritius For The Best Experience

    Mother Nature is absolutely beautiful and Mauritius is a true depiction of this. When in Mauritius, be sure to explore the island fully using this guide of the 20 most unique things to do in Mauritius.

    Well, have you been to Mauritius? If yes, what spot did you love most? And if not, what activity will you try out from our Mauritius travel guide?

    Please let us know in the comments below..



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