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4 Tips For Landscaping Around A Tree In Your Garden

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Trees can be a great garden feature but you don’t get much choice over where they grow. Sometimes, they just get in the way. If you have big plans for your garden but there is a big tree right in the way, what should you do? 

You could always get the tree removed but, if possible, you should try to work around it. If you incorporate it into your landscaping design, you can turn that annoying tree into an asset.

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These are some of the best tips for landscaping around a tree. 

1. Be Careful With Raised Beds 

Many people put raised beds around the base of the tree, but this isn’t a good idea. It might look great, but all of the excess soil can cause the bark to rot and damage the tree.

If you want raised beds in the garden, put them elsewhere and keep them away from the base of the tree. It’s best to plant directly at the base of the tree

2. Account For The Shade 

4 Tips For Landscaping Around A Tree In Your Garden

Trees create a lot of shade in the garden and you need to account for this when designing your layout and planting things.

Look at where the shade is at each point of the day and place important areas, like a patio, wherever you get the most sun. Think about which plants need the most sun as well and put those in the right locations.

You should also consider hiring a company like Sydney Tree Company to prune the tree for you. Cutting it back will increase the sunlight in the garden and make it easier to plant around the tree.

It’s also important for the health of the tree, so get it pruned regularly. 

3. Watch Out For Roots 

Some trees send down long roots deep underground, but others have roots just below the surface that spread out.

If you accidentally cut the roots with a shovel, this will seriously damage the tree.

When you are planting things around the garden, you need to watch out for the roots and make sure that you don’t damage them.

Don’t start digging out big holes with a shovel, use a small trowel to carefully dig out the soil without damaging the roots. This is particularly important if you want to plant at the base of the tree. 

4 Tips For Landscaping Around A Tree In Your Garden

4. Incorporate It Into the Patio 

People often remove trees because they want to install a patio area or garden room and the tree is in the way.

The thing is, the tree can be an amazing feature in your patio so you should incorporate it. Many people build wooden pergolas on their patio so they have a bit of shade, but you don’t need to do that if you already have a tree there.

As long as you consider where the shade from the tree is throughout the day, you can plan a patio around it. It’s the perfect way to update your garden while still keeping the natural feel. 

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Don’t see a tree in your garden as a burden because, if you work around it, it can be an incredible feature in your garden. 

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4 Tips For Landscaping Around A Tree In Your Garden

Do you own a garden? Use these tips for any landscaping works around a tree and let us know how it goes!


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