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The Best Way to Book Cheaper Flights/ Accommodations Every Time

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The Best Way to Book Cheaper Flights/ Accommodations Every Time

Looking to buy tickets for your flights or accommodation online? Save more with a VPN. Hence, the step-by-step guide on how to book cheaper flights cheaper!

Well, there was a time when buying tickets and booking seats for your next trip would require being physically present at the airport. These days, you don’t even have to go through an agent if you know where to look yourself.

Fortunately, there are now a lot of places – both on the official airliner’s website and third-party vendors – to look when you are shopping tickets online.

However, you might not be purchasing the tickets right – either you are paying over the top for them, not securing your payments well, etc.

That is why we have put this piece up today so that you never have to worry about those again.

The Best Way to Book Cheaper Flights/ Accommodations Every Time

Common Problems with Buying Tickets Online

  • You might not have come across this before, but tickets don’t sell at the same price in multiple places.

To put that in context, buying the same seats in the same airplane for the same destination will be priced differently in different locations.

  • Likewise, your browser purchase history might be used against you to mark-up process on tickets and flight bookings.

This technique can be identified as either price discrimination or dynamic pricing, and it is much more around than you know.

  • In other instances, the problem comes from buying tickets from third party websites.

Although they have all the autonomy to list tickets for sales and broker the deal for you, they might not be as safe as they should be.

This puts you (read: your credit card details) on the line should hackers target such a website. We don’t need to tell you how serious that can be at all.

  • Internet connectivity is also a big issue.

Even though we live in an age of the internet, connectivity is not all-round strong. On most booking websites, losing connectivity on any page – even the last page of the process – means you have to go back and start from the very beginning.

Fortunately, you can get rid of all of these problems in one fell swoop. You don’t need a swiss knife of tricks up your sleeve to make that happen either when you could just download a VPN to book your next flight and accommodations.

The Best Way to Book Cheaper Flights/ Accommodations Every TimeThe Best Way to Book Cheaper Flights/ Accommodations Every Time

What a VPN does

Short for Virtual Private Network, a VPN is a piece of software that has been specially optimized to carry different servers in different countries/ regions.

Connecting to each server automatically grants you an IP address corresponding to such a region.

Since the internet uses IP addresses as a means of approximating where a user is accessing the internet from, this makes it possible to be in a location and browse the web like you were in yet another location.

To put things in context, you can be in the US and surf the web like you were in Belarus, or from anywhere else in the world at all.

Likewise, the inclusion of multiple servers on every VPN software is not just for the location advantages. The top VPN providers use a 256-bit encryption protocol to secure all the internet traffic and data transferred over the internet whenever their software is connected to first.

This level of encryption is considered FBI-grade, so you know you are getting a great value for the money too.

So, what makes this level of encryption interesting?

Should a hacker be monitoring your internet traffic to gain access to sensitive details (such as your credit card information), they would get lost in all the servers they would have to traverse first.

This is very important when browsing the web via unencrypted networks (such as public Wi-Fi networks found in airports, hotels, etc.).

The Best Way to Book Cheaper Flights/ Accommodations Every Time

How does a VPN help with bookings?

So, we have been tracking back to how a VPN helps you find great deals on your bookings/ tickets, but just how exactly?

1. Getting cheaper tickets

A lot of things affect the pricing of tickets.

All the way from the cost of jet fuel, number of empty seats, how long in advance before you book, when you book the tickets and demand for that particular ticket to the distance of the destination, the list is almost endless.

What the airliners will leave out of this list, though, is the fact that they also charge you based on where you are purchasing from.

The same ticket you bought from the US for $300 could be sold for $150 or less if you were, say, purchasing from Bangkok. This is due to the price discrimination you mentioned above, making airliners mark up their tickets according to the perceived standard of living in certain locations.

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With a VPN at hand, you can easily take advantage of these deals to get your flights with massive savings on them. Anyone would love to book cheaper flights and accommodation, right?

2. Keep Payments Secure

Every time you log onto the internet, you leave a data trail. Your internet service provider (ISP), for one, is legally backed to see every website you visit and even what you do on them.

When you are connected to a public Wi-Fi network, for example, your ISP becomes whoever is offering such a network. Trust us when we say they get to see everything you do too, up to the credit card information you are entering.

Fortunately, that doesn’t have to be an issue when you have a VPN handy.

The Best Way to Book Cheaper Flights/ Accommodations Every Time

Other benefits of VPNs for travelers;

Fortunately, the above are not even the only reasons why you should own a VPN before traveling. Some of the many other benefits you stand to gain include:

3. Staying safe

When you travel, it is just normal that you want to take advantage of the value-added services you get from certain establishments.

One of such is the free Wi-Fi network from coffee shops you visit, parks you go to, the hotel you are staying at, the airport you flew with, etc.

These networks expose you to a lot of dangers: man in the middle attack, rogue Wi-Fi network scams, conversation/ internet traffic hijacking, malware uploads, etc.

Layering your internet connection over a VPN, you can be rest assured that none of these remains a problem.

4. Bypassing geoblocks

Content creators who are putting such content over the internet can decide to put location restrictions around it. This would make it impossible for certain sports content (think NHL, NFL, MLB, etc.) available in the US to be present in other countries.

Likewise, Netflix content, YouTube videos, certain apps, and other related content might not be available in your preferred destination.

Giving these up might not be palatable for you. Thankfully, you don’t have to miss a beat if you equipped yourself with a VPN before getting on the road.

5. Circumventing censorships

If you would be traveling to countries like China, Vietnam and other regions deemed enemies of the internet, you will soon find out that you have lost access to many of the platforms you used to have.

Of these, we have Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and a ton of other websites in the mix.

Again, a VPN keeps all that censorship out of the way for you, ensuring you keep enjoying the internet the way you know it to be throughout the duration of your stay.

The Best Way to Book Cheaper Flights/ Accommodations Every Time

6. Securing better bookings with a VPN

Below, we provide a step by step guide to getting better deals and securing your payments with a VPN:

  • Download a VPN – The ideal choice would be one that has multiple servers in different countries, especially the country you are traveling to. Ensure the VPN comes with a 256-bit encryption level, doesn’t log your data, carries unlimited bandwidth and is optimized for speed too. Above all, make sure you are downloading from a trusted supplier, and it features support for multiple devices.
  • Clear your cache/ cookies – Cleaning your browser cache and clearing the cookies makes it possible to access the internet under a fresh slate. Thus, other cookies (which might have location trackers in them) will not betray your true location when shopping for the deals.
  • Choose a location – Fire up your VPN and connect to a preferred location. This does not have to be the country you are headed to. If it makes any difference, you can repeat this step multiple times, so you are free to experiment. In fact, we recommend experimenting.
  • Confirm your location – To ensure the VPN is working, conduct a simple Google search for “What is my location” or “What is my IP address.” The results should approximate what your virtual location is. If your real location is on display, reconnect to the VPN.
  • Start your search – Now that you have a new location, search for the airline tickets/ accommodations again. We advise getting a paper and a pen so you can note the prices in different regions.
  • Rinse, repeat – Once you have the pricing from a location, try from another location. Keep trying until you find the very best deal. Go for that.


Traveling is great, either it is for business or pleasure.

Knowing you are always getting the best deals on your flight and accommodation, as well as other commodities you could have booked online, though, is an even better feeling. Go ahead and book those cheaper flights and your accommodation right away!

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The Best Way to Book Cheaper Flights/ Accommodations Every Time

Now that you know how to get that done, and legally too, we have two words for you:

Bon Voyage!

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      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Hi Michael,
        It’s àll about using a VPN as you search and make bookings. Normally, costs of flights and accommodation differ depending on one’s location-could be higher or lower. So, with a VPN, you can change your location and land a cheaper deal.
        Hope that’s now easier!
        Thank you.

    1. Shar says

      These tips are of primordial importance! VPN networks are essential for security and other reasons. Thanks for reminding!!

    2. Liz Santos says

      Nice! These tips are not just practical but very captivating for security awareness, this is truly a great share! Thanks for the information.

    3. Wren says

      This is great! I don’t fly all that often but when I do, I am always looking for the cheapest and quickest flights. I will have to try these the next time I need to fly!

    4. aisasami says

      I never knew VPN can help you save money when buying plane tickets. Helpful tip! Which region or country is best for saving money?

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        You should consider countries with lower GDP in general to get cheaper prices. However, if the country is really far, the site might load slowly. Hence, you need a power device and good connectivity. With that, you can enjoy those deals!

    5. Karen says

      I dont know vpn. But you are right about different regions with different price flight. I was from the Philippines and flights are very cheap. When i move to cayman, ticket prices are very expensive more that twice even, even just for an hour flight.

    6. Melanie williams says

      Oh wow so many fab tips here. Very useful and I will deffo have to try a few of these out. Hopefully we will make some good savings xx

    7. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says

      I did not know using a VPN could do all these for me! I should start looking for a trusted VPN and start using it when I book my flights. Thank you for letting us know about this simple trick!


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