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Hanging Basket Garden? Learn How to Make a Hanging Garden

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Hanging Basket Garden? Learn How to Make a Hanging Garden

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Is your planting area limited but you cannot stop craving for the touch of mother nature around you? Worry no more because the hanging basket has you covered- learn how to make a hanging basket garden!

Hanging baskets can add taste to your landscape. Often times, the open, vertical space of the indoor garden, balcony, and porch or under trees goes unused. Such places are naturally meant for these baskets.

In areas such as these open spaces or bare walls, hanging baskets give color, creating a delightful atmosphere.

There are unlimited ways to use hanging baskets around the house and garden. Also, there are no limitations on the choice of container to be used; creative people often come up with unique containers or planters.

Many ornamental plants are suitable for cultivation in suspended baskets, Plants of drooping growth habit being the most preferred because of their stems falling over the sides of the container hence display flowers and foliage to the best advantage.

Drooping plants also hide the container, making the plant the focal point.

With the exception of upright growing plants: orchids and bromeliads, most are not used to the best advantage when planted by themselves in baskets.

Suitable Basket Plants

Hanging Basket Garden? Learn How to Make a Hanging Garden

Courtesy: Artful Plants

1. Flowering Plants:

  • Abutilon megapotamicum,
  • Allamanda,
  • Achimenes,
  • Begonias (of drooping growth),
  • Browallia,
  • Cascade Chrysanthemum and Petunia,
  • Clianthus,
  • Campanula,
  • Flame Violets,
  • Fuschias,
  • Impatiens sultanii,
  • Lantana (dwarf, trailing),
  • Lipstick plant.

2. Cacti and succulents:

  • Burro tail,
  • Carrion flower,
  • Ice plant,
  • Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter cactus,
  • Wax plant.

3. Foliage:

  • Asparagus fern,
  • Coleus,
  • English and other types of ivy,
  • Ferns
  • Kangaroo vine (Plectranthus australis),
  • Vining Philodendron,
  • Pothos,
  • Smilax,
  • Spider plant,
  • Rhipsalis spp.,
  • Tradescantia species,
  • Zebrina pendula (both Wandering Jew),
  • Vinca major and,
  • Common mint.

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An example of a well-set hanging basket would contain the following plants to help cover the container/basket used:

  • Asparagus, (foliage)
  • Hedera, (trailing)
  • Scindapsis, (trailing)
  • Tradescantia, (drooping and trailing)
  • Zebrina (drooping and trailing)
  • Ferns esp Nephrolepis. (Foliage)

Preparing A Hanging Basket

If you’re looking to start a hanging basket garden, ensure you have access to these things:

1: Media and Basket Preparation

What is planting media?

In the context of gardening, media is the material in which the plants grow. Usually, the soil is always the medium when it comes to outdoor gardening. However, in an indoor garden, growers can choose from a variety of media, specific to the benefits the plants get.

Prepare the planting media & the liner if the container is porous. By porous, I mean if the media can fall off.

For a planting media, you need something that is:

  • light,
  • well-drained and,
  • has a nutrient-retaining ability.

Garden soils do not fit the description as they are heavy, their nutrition is unbalanced and mostly, the soils are poorly drained.

For quite some time, sphagnum moss has been the most used media for the lining. Get yourself some too. Read more about the use of sphagnum moss as a garden medium here.

Next, add water-retentive granules and a well-mixed soil containing humus, perlites, and vermiculites/ sand in the ratio 1:1:1 to the moss, and there you have yourself a nutritious light water retaining media.

This mixture is also readily available as a composite in shops. Add a slow-release fertilizer to provide the plant with nutrients later. Fill the basket to a third.

If your choice was an open wire basket, then you will need a liner to prevent the planting media from falling through. A black polythene bag may be used as a liner. However, if you neatly placed the sphagnum moss well, you will find no need for the liner.

2: Planting

Stand the basket on a table after you have filled to about 1/3 with media.

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    Make holes with your finger from the outside and on the sides of the basket and pass the roots of trailing plants through so they lie on top of the media with the plants hanging outwards. Do this around the basket.

    Then add more of the soil media and your choice of plants on top until you are a few inches from the top.

    Add upright plants on top now once you’re done with the sides, allowing ample spaces between them of around 1-2 inches. Add more upright plants; placing them carefully towards the center.

    For watering, ensure you do it gently using sprinkled water to avoid media compaction and erosion of roots.

    Water thoroughly, taking care not to disturb the media.

    Hanging Basket Garden? Learn How to Make a Hanging Garden

    3: Hanging The Basket

    Baskets dry out very quickly so water at least daily.

    If the basket is placed indoors, gradually acclimatize plants to outside conditions. Fit the chain in place and suspend the basket on the supporting bracket. Use a firm chain to avoid breakage that may cause injuries.

    Precautions To Take

    1. Ensure the basket is hanged in places where it is easily visible to avoid head injuries.

    2. Watch for the porosity of the container used so it doesn’t spill water on the floor making the surrounding ugly or cause slippery floors.

    3. When watering, it is advisable to unhang the basket to avoid excess water spills.

    4. Keep the basket neat, trim excess growth.

    5. Ensure the basket is held tight to avoid damages.

    Hanging Basket Garden Ideas

    1. At The Porch

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    2. Hang On Your Door

    Hanging Basket Garden? Learn How to Make a Hanging Garden

    Courtesy: Straw London

    3. To Your Entryway

    4. On Your Balcony Railing

    Hanging Basket Garden? Learn How to Make a Hanging Garden

    Courtesy: Lucy Bloom

    5. Bring Life To A Boring Wall

    Hanging Basket Garden? Learn How to Make a Hanging Garden

    Courtesy: Bohemia Design

    6. Hang From The Ceiling

    7. Green Curtains? Yes, Please!

    Hanging Basket Garden? Learn How to Make a Hanging Garden

    Courtesy: SG Plant Club

    8. Bring Life To A Dead Corner

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    Hanging Basket Garden? Learn How to Make a Hanging Garden

    Now it’s your turn: go ahead and make your hanging basket garden!

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