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Fashionista’s Ultimate Must-Haves For Travel

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Fashionista's Ultimate Must-Haves For Travel

When it comes to travelling, every girl is familiar with the struggle of not being able to bring their whole wardrobe.

Every little piece of clothing seems to be a must-have for a true fashionista, and the fact that you won’t be wearing even half of the stuff you brought still doesn’t stop you from over-packing the suitcase.

So think in advance and choose which essentials you might want to pack for your next getaway.

Here’s a list of our fashionista’s ultimate must haves for travel.

1. Friendly face masks

Whether you are a frequent flyer or not, traveling can be really exhausting for your whole body.

Plus, your face suffers a lot due to the dry air in the cabin and the fact that you might have a sleepless night or two.

In-flight face masks are increasing in popularity, and they can help you feel fresh and rejuvenated after arriving at your dream destination.

Think no further, and get yourself one.

Forget about the judgmental looks from the strangers on the plane and pamper yourself because you deserve it. One is definitely a must have for travel!

2. Dress to impress your enemies

Fashionista's Ultimate Must-Haves For Travel


A woman shouldn’t forget to pack a dress for her trip. It is just a must have for travel!

Whether you want to flaunt your legs or to conceal your imperfections, midi and maxi dresses can work in your favor.

Maxi dresses are always a good idea, especially because you’ll be dressed head to toe, plus, they are comfortable and feminine.

For the extra chicness, add a leather jacket to the whole look and pick a dressy or a casual pair of shoes—either works.

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Stay wrinkle-free

Even cute and pre-planned outfits look awful if you let them wrinkle up, and there’s no way your clothes will remain fresh after the flight.

Therefore, getting a mini hand steamer can save your life.

Looking sloppy on your Instagram posts is a huge no-no, so you better get yourself one and use it to smooth down your garments.

You can also pick mini smart irons, which are a great solution to ensure your clothes are wrinkle-free.

3. Stylish mermaid

No matter what location you are heading to, you must have a bathing suit with you, just in case you run into a spa centre, ‘accidentally’.

Without fail, women will always find a super Instagrammable place or a spa centre where they can flaunt their one piece swimsuits and pose for the best shot.

For girls with a pale complexion a red one piece is a bingo, and yellow flatters dark skin the most.

But hey, there are no rules. Everyone should wear their preferred color and style, and have the time of their life.

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4. Accessories

Jewels are a girl’s best travel buddies, so make sure you bring a lot of them.

If your outfits are pretty simple and classic, then adding statement accessories can totally make them pop.

If you prefer something subtle, then layering golden chokers and necklaces would be awesome.

Also, a nice watch is a great addition, and it goes perfectly with both casual and dressy fashion combinations.

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5. Hair care and skin care products

Fashionista's Ultimate Must-Haves For Travel


A frequent change of a shampoo or a conditioner can cause a number of issues.

That includes hair loss, dandruff, itchiness and redness.

There are so many overly-aggressive ingredients that different shampoos contain, so it’s necessary to choose the best one for your scalp.

If you opt for an anti-dandruff shampoo that is all natural and quite soothing and nourishing, you won’t have to worry about drying out your hair.

To see the results, you will have to use it at least 3 times a week, which shouldn’t be a problem.

As for the skin care, it won’t hurt to test other products from time to time, even if you’re loyal to a certain brand.

The key is to follow a regimen with any product regularly, in order to see most consistent results.

6. Versatile shoes

Fashionista's Ultimate Must-Haves For Travel


One thing is certain, you should always travel in your sneakers…or rather, you must have sneakers for your travel!

Aside from that, two pairs of shoes should go into your suitcase, so try to choose ones that are comfy, and ones that can be fancier, as you will probably go to dinner or a nightclub.

When it comes to colors, neutrals work the best, but you should also give a chance to red ankle straps which go perfectly with any outfit you pick.

7. Sunglasses

Fashionista's Ultimate Must-Haves For Travel


Always bring at least two pairs of sunnies with you.

You can’t predict the weather, but they look really great as a daytime accessory.

Plus, they are lifesavers for those lazy days when you just want to sit and relax at the beach without having to wear makeup.

Now, which of these must haves for travel is about to fill up your suitcase? If you can’t decide, then simply take them all.

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Fashionista's Ultimate Must-Haves For Travel

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  1. Sydney says

    We are planning to go on a family vacation soon and I found your tips very helpful! I’ve never heard of a mini smart iron, I might need one! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Joan says

    My mum had a mini iron which I was planning to steal to be honest but she took it away and hid it lol. So convinient to have one since I sometimes pack my clothes in a hurry and creases are the devil.

  3. Joanna says

    I am not a fashionista and even I never forget to pack at least one dress when I travel. Hair care is also very important for me, as my hair is quite “needy” and without my trusted conditioner it would go wild, haha.

  4. Jessica says

    I will be sure to check in on this list the moment i have another trip planned in the future. I cannot go another trip without all of my hair and skin products!

  5. Hanh Nguyen says

    High five cuz I can’t do without my face mask! The mini steamer is a great advice too, my sundresses always get so wrinkly after only a few hours flight haha

  6. Dani says

    Love this article! I ALWAYS forget to bring a swimsuit unless I know I’m going somewhere warm. I have to start remembering to bring it! I also definitely want to try one of those in-flight masks – maybe for my trip to Florida in February 🙂

  7. Sandra says

    Agreeing with every bullet you have! This just reminded me to buy white sneakers for my travel this December. My shoe collection is a total wreck because almost if not all are already dysfunctional and cannot be used anymore!! Hello to new wardrobe!

  8. Rosey says

    Yes! A dress, stylish comfortable shoes and a bathing suit. I love the idea of bringing a maxi too, with sleeves because that would get you entrance into places that don’t allow shorter skirts, shoulders, etc. to be in view over in Europe (my favorite place to travel).

  9. Terri Beavers says

    Goodness, this is a fabulous list for travelers. I’ve never taken a lot of these with me but often wished I had brought a face mask when I travel. I need to start getting myself more organized.

  10. David Elliott says

    Versatile shoes while you are traveling make all the difference. If you can get shoes which work well for different occasions it does make for traveling and packing so much easier.

  11. What Corinne Did says

    I am always covered shoes-wise but apart from that, I am very bad at taking essentials with me on holiday. Face masks sound like a great thing to take! perfect after a long haul!

  12. Anosa Malanga says

    I couldn’t agree more on this. I totally love the idea of having your fashionable outfits to impress your enemies, or must say, bashers or insecure people. lol! Indeed a great way to let them be much more insecure.

  13. Hailey Harris says

    Yes girl! Thank you for this post! I struggle with overpacking. Like really struggle. These are awesome tips and I’m definitely using them for my next trip.

  14. Luci says

    Great tips – that are helpful to remember. Too often I forget to pack a bathing suit. And I’ve never tried a face mask during a flight… Thanks!

  15. Kemi says

    Mini smart iron? Ingeniuos…but I prefer clothes that are wrinkle free for travel. I’ve never packed a swimsuit to a non island location but it seems that I must start to do so lol. My hair is always in braids and I take travel sized portions of oil & shea butter for hair and skin. I definitely have sneakers & an extra pair of shoes.

  16. Clarice says

    I totally agree that is very important to pack a dress for a trip. I learned this the hard way. I traveled with my husband on one of his business trips. I was just planning to stay in the hotel and not the attend the events at all, however, last minute — we found out that I was also expected to attend and practically I have nothing to wear. Shopping for a new one in a very notice was so stressful. I hope I just brought a dress for emergencies. 🙂

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