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18 Entryway Décor Ideas To Set The Tone For Your Home

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Have you tried any entryway décor ideas to spruce up this spot in your home?

Well, your home’s entry is the first place your guests will see when they step in your home. In fact, this pot welcomes you too, into your sweet abode. Thus, your entryway deserves some decorations to set the tone for the rest of your home. 

Since a beautiful and well-organized entryway makes your home feel inviting even before accessing other rooms, let’s help you decorate an entryway that screams ‘welcome home!’ 

Entryway decor ideas
Courtesy: Cloud Interiors
Entryway decor ideas
Courtesy: Cloud Interiors

After all, it’s the first impressions that matter most!

No matter the size of your foyer, we gathered amazing entryway decor ideas for your inspiration, It’s time to inject a ton of style and function into your current entryway. Let’s go!

1. Put a sleek console table

Entryway decor ideas
Courtesy: Urbina Home

A gorgeous console table is a score for your entryway. Designed to be slim and unobtrusive, they can rest against a wall without taking up much room.

When placed in the entryway, a console table provides a strong focal point and first impression when guests enter your home.

Mix style and function by decorating your console table with a mirror, lamp and family photos to provide the perfect spot to welcome guests.

2. Add a Statement Mirror

Add to the charm of your entryway by adding a captivating mirror.  

They help brighten things up by reflecting light and create the illusion that the space is actually bigger than it really is.

Entryway Decor Ideas To Set The Tone For Your Home
Courtesy: Lotta Chaos

Foyers require large, oversized wall mirrors, which are perfect for last minute mirror-checks, creating the illusion of wider hallways and adding balanced light to narrow areas.

While you can go for round mirrors, sunburst mirrors are much better!

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3. Use an Entryway Bench

A small seating adds a beautiful yet practical function to your space. It provides the essential storage and seating that every entryway needs in order to be clean and organized.

Stay a while!

4. Add A Bold Painting or Sculpture

Impressive artwork sets the stage the stage for an inviting home. It immediately catches the eye and attention of anyone who walks through the front door.

Choose a perfect piece that will personalize your space and make it more appealing.

Pro Tip…

Instead of just adding a statement piece of artwork, create an art gallery by arranging striking pieces of artwork along your entryway wall.

5. Ornately Tile Your Floors

Entryway decor ideas
Courtesy: Covet House

A graphic floor with a vibrant color palette goes a long way in making a statement!  

Pro Tip…

If you live in areas prone to wet weather, go for durable, water-resistant flooring which is ideal for busy entryways.

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    Compared to ceramic tiles, porcelain is harder and less porous making it an ideal choice for high traffic areas.

    6. Have a Shoe Rack

    Entryway decor ideas
    Courtesy: Full Plate Mama

    Sneaking a creative shoe storage solution is a fantastic way to create space and bring about organization in your entryway.

    After all, having a place to put on or take off shoes in an entryway is essential in many homes.  You want a shoe rack which will look clean and minimal while keeping your soles out of sight.

    7. Add A Durable Rug

    Perhaps one of the most common entryway décor ideas, and we cannot dispute! A beautiful rug brings life, comfort and style to your entryway! Boldly-patterned rugs in particular add color and warmth to the space.

    Go for a rug that is proportional to the size of your entryway, and when placing it down, always leave a sufficient vertical air gap between your rug and the door.

    You also want to choose a rug that is not only good to look at yet very easy to clean.

    That’s why patterned rugs can be such lifesavers- whilst adding visual interest to a space, they also hide dirt and grime temporarily until you have a chance to clean the rug.

    8. Dress Your Walls

    Entryway decor ideas
    Courtesy: Covet House

    Dressing up the walls rubs off the thought of an uninspiring homes. Use eye-catching wallpaper to break up all the white space.

    And if wallpaper isn’t your thing, just go bold with the walls as long as your paint color comfortably introduces the rest of your home without coming off as too strong or out-of-place.

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    10. Plate The Walls

    Decorative plates make fabulous wall art and are infinitely flexible. You can create a gorgeous focal point in your entryway by displaying extra mix matched plates on the wall.

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    11. Add a Sculptural Light Fixture

    Entryway Decor Ideas To Set The Tone For Your Home
    Courtesy: Risher Martin

    Featuring a striking light fixture in your entrance can deliver a WOW factor to your guests. Pick a beautiful chandelier or a well-done pendant light to provide the illusion of much-needed space for your entryway.

    12. Add A Center Table

    If you have a large entryway space, the thought of extending your cocktail parties to this area might have crossed your mind. If so, add a long table that could serve as a bar, if necessary. 

    13. Stand-out Staircase!

    10 entryway decor ideas
    Courtesy: Bestid Blog

    A dramatic staircase always stands out! Inject a dose of style by laying down a stylish staircase runner and really create a statement.

    14. Add An Umbrella Holder

    10 entryway decor ideas
    Courtesy: Bre Purposed

    An umbrella dripping water just by the door is unacceptable! You want to introduce an umbrella holder especially if the weather is wet.

    If you can’t get a nice umbrella holder, just add a good basket there that can be used for various other purposes too!

    Vertical storage is great in particularly since any residual water left on the umbrellas drips into a contained area, allowing them to dry in a convenient place.

    15. Mount Wall Hooks

    Entryway decor ideas
    Courtesy: Casa Pensada

    Wall hooks help keep your home organized-thus, you need them mounted by the entryway. You will need them for hanging coats, and bags.

    When hooked to the wall, the hook takes up no space and goes virtually unnoticed unless the hook also has a decorative function.

    16. Add An Ottoman

    Entryway decor ideas
    Courtesy: Kimberley Kay Interiors

    Adding an ottoman to your entryway is also a great way to add extra seating to this space. The kids will also love it since they tend to toss everything on that ottoman as they come through the hallway.

    17. Add A Large Tropical Plant

    Entryway decor ideas
    Courtesy: Crumbs Home

    Give your entrance personality by using the right plant to breathe a little extra life into your home before you even step inside.

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    18. Hang A Floating Shelf

    Entryway decor ideas
    Courtesy: Respira Hogar

    A floating shelf is perfect for dropping keys and stacking mail without taking up any floor space at all.

    Thus, display your style with a set of beautiful floating shelves. Find one with built-in hooks or install your own underneath to make the most of your wall space.

    Entryway decor ideas
    Courtesy: Suite Heart and Home
    10 entryway decor ideas
    Courtesy: Carcaba Road

    Which of these 18 entryway décor ideas have you employed in your home?

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