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Enjoy Your Home by Utilizing Your Attic Space

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Enjoy Your Home by Utilizing Your Attic Space

Are you one of the homeowners utilizing their attic space too or not?

An Attic is a precious space just below the roof of a house used by many people to store their clutter. Attics have become common; some of us ignore their capability and use them as stores while others leave them empty. What many don’t realize is that this space is paramount and can be converted into a usable room.

Attics are packed with potential that allows them to be put into different uses.

The untapped space in your house has numerous purposes and just like other rooms in your home, this space can be transformed into:

1. An Extra Bedroom

The unused space can be transformed into an extra bedroom at a small fortune. One advantage of the attic is that it is already part of your home so you don’t need to tear down part of your house.

2. An Office

Enjoy Your Home by Utilizing Your Attic

Photo by Origin Property

An attic can easily be turned into a home office. The space is in a quiet place that can allow privacy and to make it more magnificent, fit the attic with gorgeous windows and paint it with bright colors.

3. A Private Living Room

We have moments when you just want to be to the west without the rest. Attics facilitate such moments. This space can be turned into a magnificent living room for the family.

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4. A Recreational Room

Looking for entertainment? The place below your roof is a perfect place for a movie theatre. The same can be used to entertain guests. For those with small compounds and would like to keep fit could also consider using this space as a gym.

5. A Personal Library

Enjoy Your Home by Utilizing Your Attic

Photo by Origin Property

The attic forms a unique refreshing place for book lovers. You can enjoy reading while curled up in a window. Your children can also undertake their studies peacefully without any interruptions.

6. A Dressing Room

Never enough space? Just look up, the attic space can be utilized and used as a dressing room. The same too can be fixed with a personal walk-in closet. With enough space, you can place your shoes and personal belongings.

7. A Rumpus Room

Enjoy Your Home by Utilizing Your Attic

Photo by Jeff LeBlanc

Your attic can be a perfect playroom for your kids. Ensure to place their toys in strategic positions. Also, make sure the room is clean and in good condition.

All this is to say, the space below your roof is ley to every homeowner and all they need to do is put it into good use.


Attics provide safe and hospitable environment for rats and mice. Once they invade a home, these rodents move to a strategic place and create nests out of soft materials like tissues, attic insulation and cardboard. Hence, it is important to work on any possible material and space in the attic that can attract rodents.

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Enjoy Your Home by Utilizing Your Attic

Photo by TH2 Designs

The best way of dealing with these rodents is to simply keep them out. So, seal all cracks or holes in the walls and baseboards with steel wool, which mice and other household pets cannot chew through.

The space needs to be worked on to be of more value to the homeowners.

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    Considering its location in the house, the following ideas can assist you achieve more from an attic thus utilizing it to the fullest:

    Design Ideas to Achieve More from your Attic

    Consult an Architect or Structural Engineer

    Before converting your attic into any usage, be sure to first consult an architect or structural engineer. Expert opinion is important as it helps one make a wise choice of what they are going to convert the attic into.

    Ventilation is Key!

    Ventilation is important in every house; hence, it is paramount to ensure the same is applied to your attic before using it. Being below the roof of a house does not guarantee enough air circulation and that’s why ventilation is key.

    Have Good-sized windows

    The windows fitted in the attic should neither be big or small, it is advisable to have good fitting windows that will allow enough air circulation of natural light and air.

    Whatever the planned use for your attic is, light and air are vital considerations. This helps eliminate darkness during the day.

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    Check the Staircase for Enough Headroom

    Whether tall or short, every family member should be able to use the attic comfortably without much struggle. Thus, the staircase used should have enough headroom for everyone. The staircase should also be firm and strong to avoid accidents.

    Enjoy Your Home by Utilizing Your Attic

    Photo by Origin Property

    Have Proper Insulation

    Insulation comes in handy when utilizing your attic. Your content needs to be protected from heat, electricity, moisture as well as shock.

    Proper Flooring

    Just like your living room, the attic needs to be fitted with proper floor to avoid accidents; proper floors also ensure your activities are not disrupted.


    Enjoy Your Home by Utilizing Your Attic

    Photo by Origin Property

    Enjoy Your Home by Utilizing Your Attic

    Photo by Origin Property

    It is paramount to ensure the attic is fully fitted with all the necessary equipment before inviting buyers, especially if you’re planning on selling the house.

    Remodelling an attic can be time-consuming, yet rewarding endeavour. It is one of the easiest ways to utilize your space fully. This project is not easy and requires a proper plan. Just like a house, the attic should have two escape routes in case of an emergency. The same too requires a good and attractive ceiling and lights to illuminate it.

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    Enjoy Your Home by Utilizing Your Attic Space

    The attic is no longer a dumping area or a store; today, the latter has more than one use. So, next time you go for house hunting, ensure to check the extra space under your roof.

    Enjoy your home by utilizing your attic space!

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