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9 Dazzling Mirror Decorating Ideas To Try & Mistakes To Avoid

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Mirrors serve an important function in most homes. They add beauty and function to any space so if you haven’t tried any mirror decorating ideas at home, we hope you’ll rethink after reading this article.

Using mirrors in your room-living room, bathroom, bedroom or entryway, is one way to reflect many things in your room, from the beauty to light, to space, which can help increase the look and feel of the room. This makes the room feel airy and brighter.

But before we decorate, let’s ensure you don’t make any mirror decorating mistakes as you get started:

7 Common Mirror Decorating Mistakes To Avoid

1. Placing Mirrors In Direct Sunlight

Mirrors are used to reflect light into your home. However, avoid placing them in direct sunlight because high temperatures can make them dull and their reflective quality will reduce after some time.

In other cases, the glare might be very piercing to your eyes thus uncomfortable.

If you have a mirror facing the sun in your home, remove it and place it in another spot out of direct sunlight, ensuring it can still catch light from a suitable angle to reflect into the rest of the room.

2. Placing Mirrors Anywhere You Please

Mirrors should be used discerningly and creatively to enhance the appearance of a room.

To check if your mirror’s in the right place:

  • Take a look at whether the mirror is reflecting an unappealing part of your room like a huge pile of mess on the table, or a worn-out sofa – your mirror should always be used to reflect the best light and features in your home.
Mirror Decorating At Home: Dazzling Mirror Decor Ideas & Mistakes To Avoid

Courtesy: Covet London

  • Consider how dangerous hanging the mirror at a particular spot can be. For instance, hanging a mirror above your bed is dangerous. You also don’t want to hang a mirror by the door especially if it is not secured well-it might cut anyone getting into your house or break as the door swings.
  • Think about how disruptive it can be. Suppose you hung a mirror opposite your bed, this could be disruptive to your sleep especially if they bounce light around. Ultimately, this doesn’t make for a very restorative night’s sleep.
  • Mind how uncomfortable it can be. A mirror opposite your front door can be startling to visitors entering your home. Rather than seeing you first, they will see themselves. This can detract from your warm welcome and could make your guests feel uncomfortable.
  • Think about how pointless the mirror will be.  While many homeowners mount their mirrors above the fireplace, it is actually not a good idea because the point of the mirror is lost completely. Here, the mirror is hung too high, which then reflects the ceiling, an awkward part of the room, unless you have decorated it.

Mirrors should be hung with space, alignment, and light in mind. Wherever you hang your mirror, its radiance should shine through whilst offering function.

A mirror in the bathroom or by the hallway would be terrific!

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Quick Tip…

Always consider the reflection when you hung your mirror. Suppose you hung it opposite an important architectural element, painting, or piece of furniture, it will give that item even more importance. This is better than hanging it across something unattractive.

3. Having Too Many Mirrors

Mirror Decorating At Home: Dazzling Mirror Decor Ideas & Mistakes To Avoid

Courtesy: Arcade Water

Multiple simple mirrors in a room can look chic. Be sure to vary the sizes and shapes, but don’t allow them to reflect each other since this creates an unsettling fun-house effect.

Also, having too many mirrors in one room just becomes too much. It makes people feel very uncomfortable and distractive especially when it is reflecting things here and there – as a rule of thumb, keep your mirrors down to at most, two walls in a room.

4. Hanging Full-length Mirrors

Full-length mirrors don’t have to be mounted to the wall in order to serve their purpose as a decorative piece or enhance the room. Large and tall enough, they can stand on their own and make an impact.

You can lean one against the wall or in a corner of the room. This is also a great way to create a focal point in the room, adding depth and dimension to space.

5. Overexposing Your Mirror To Moisture In Kitchens & Bathrooms

Placing mirrors in areas with high moisture levels can cause black spots on the mirror’s front.

Also, when moisture is trapped between the mirror and wall, this can cause dark stains to appear on the mirror’s backing and wall’s surface. So think through before hanging that mirror in the bathroom or kitchen!

Mirrors are very versatile in a decorating theme. They fit into any style, and you can use any size mirror, or choose from simple to elaborate mirrors. If you love the way mirrors look in a room setting, here are some ideas for how to use them in your decorating theme.

6. Using Too Big A Mirror Especially Above Furniture

When positioning a mirror over a piece of furniture, it is recommended that your mirror should not be wider than the piece it’s hanging over. It should be as seen as the image below.

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    7. Hanging The Mirror Too High

    Even though you might want to draw the eye upward to make ceilings appear higher, hanging a mirror too high can make people cran their necks to look into the mirror. Thus, the room feels more disconnected.

    Be sure to hang mirrors at about eye level.

    9 Dazzling Mirror Decorating Ideas

    Go Big

    Mirror Decorating At Home: Dazzling Mirror Decor Ideas & Mistakes To Avoid

    Courtesy: Raineri Eric

    Don’t be afraid to use a large mirror in a small space. Since mirrors create the illusion of depth and space, they can really help make a small room feel bigger.

    Lean a full-length mirror against the wall or hang one in a narrow spot such as your hallway. Your living wall will also appreciate this large accessory.

    Fill An Empty Wall

    Mirror Decorating At Home: Dazzling Mirror Decor Ideas & Mistakes To Avoid

    Courtesy: BGA Inspo

    A mirror is a great way to cover a lonely wall that would otherwise look awkward or bare. This could be the wall above your furniture like your sofa in the seating area or in the bathroom.

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    Create a Focal Point

    15 Ways To Decorate Your Walls- No Painting Needed!

    Courtesy: Its About Basti

    Add interest to your room by creating a focal with a mirror-they make such great focal points.

    If your living room is lacking in a focal point for the room, create one by using a large statement mirror to draw the eye in when one walks in the room. A  sunburst mirror is a great focal point!

    Create A Gallery Wall

    Don’t shy away from creating a gallery wall with mirrors. Like with any photo wall, treat them as one unit when deciding on placement. Display several smaller pieces salon-style to create a wow factor.

    Beautify Your Entryway

    Mirror Decorating At Home: Dazzling Mirror Decor Ideas & Mistakes To Avoid

    Courtesy: Crumbs Home

    Position mirrors opposite a room’s entryway. This commonly-deployed “greeting technique” makes small and narrow entryways and hallways feel more expansive. Remember to hang the mirror opposite something you would like to see reflected back.

    Mirror Your Walls

    Mirror Decorating At Home: Dazzling Mirror Decor Ideas & Mistakes To Avoid

    Courtesy: Acherno Design

    Mirror Decorating At Home: Dazzling Mirror Decor Ideas & Mistakes To Avoid

    Courtesy: Areese Design

    Mirrored walls, especially in the master bath, add an inch of sophistication and class to your bathroom for a spa-like atmosphere.

    Don’t Forget The Dining Room

    The grand presence of a mirror in your dining area helps to unite the other elements of the space, creating an inviting area for meals.

    Statement Furniture

    Instead of leaning your full-length mirror against a wall near the door, try putting it on a door. You can also fix antiqued mirrored glass on cabinet doors to enlarge a small kitchen or on wardrobe panels to refresh your dressing room.

    And Your Vanity

    Mirror Decorating At Home: Dazzling Mirror Decor Ideas & Mistakes To Avoid

    Courtesy: Alamode Homes

    Adding a mirror above your bedroom vanity or bathroom vanity is a great way to inject function and beauty to your space. I believe every homeowner should enjoy this simple mirror decorating idea.

    Quick Tip…

    While hanging and choosing mirrors can be a daunting task, keeping them clean and usable shouldn’t be. If a mirror does get dusty, simply dust it with a feather duster or using a small amount of window-cleaning solution on the plate.

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