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Choosing The Right Furniture For An Apartment

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Looking to furnish your apartment with some new furniture? When choosing the right sofa suite or the right storage unit, it’s important to factor in the limitations that come with apartment living.

Decor Tip…

Finding the perfect décor for a small apartment space can be a serious design challenge.

Often times, one key mistake people make in small rooms is going for dark furniture, particularly, heavy, bulky, and dark furniture pieces that instantly makes a room feel cramped and cumbersome.

To fix that, go for lighter fabrics and finishes that will lift your small apartment space. Opt for sofas or curtains in linen or lightweight fabric, and choose a light-reflecting color palette.

Here are more tips for choosing the right furniture for your apartment:

1. Take Measurements 

It’s important that you know the dimensions of your apartment. Fail to take measurements and you could end up with a sofa or a wardrobe that’s too big.

Work out where you plan to place your furniture and then use a tape measure or a measurement app to work out the dimensions of the space.

Make a note of these dimensions and then start looking for furniture that fits.

For awkwardly shaped spaces, you may be able to consider custom corner sofas and fitted wardrobes (they’re more expensive than ready-built furniture, so bear this in mind).

Choosing The Right Furniture For An Apartment

2. Factor in Access

On top of considering the dimensions of the space that you plan to position your furniture, it’s important to consider how you will get your furniture into your apartment.

If there are narrow staircases and tight corridors to negotiate, you may find that you’re unable to get your furniture into your apartment in one piece.

Flat-pack furniture is sometimes the best option for those living in upper floor apartments with restricted access – although added effort is required to build it, you’ll have less trouble getting the furniture into your apartment.

When moving furniture into an apartment, you may want to hire professionals to carry out the job, and you’ll like to hire a local removalist when moving the furniture out.

This could minimize the risk of furniture getting damaged.

Keep instructions for flat-pack furniture for when you move out so that you can dismantle and reassemble it.

Choosing The Right Furniture For An Apartment

3. Opt for Space-Saving Furniture

Due to the fact that apartments have limited space, you may want to consider opting for space-saving furniture that allows you to maximize floor space in each room.

Custom furniture is just one option – you can also consider multi-purpose furniture and collapsible furniture. 

Sofas can be great multi-purpose furniture items.

For instance, a sofa-bed could give you the option of allowing guests to sleep over if you don’t have a room that you can use as a guest bedroom. There are also sofas on the market with in-built storage.

When it comes to collapsible furniture, consider furniture that may not require regular use. A collapsible dining table could free up huge amounts of space – when not using the table, you can simply fold it away into a cupboard. 

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    Choosing The Right Furniture For An Apartment

    4. Consider the Color Scheme 

    You should also consider the color of your furniture and whether it is likely to match the walls. If you live in a rented apartment, you may not have the option to change the color of the walls.

    Fortunately, such apartments are usually painted in neutral color schemes, which offers a lot of flexibility when it comes to tones of furniture.

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    However, if the walls aren’t neutral, you will need to factor this in – brightly colored furniture is likely to clash with brightly colored walls. 

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    Choosing The Right Furniture For An Apartment

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    There are infinite directions you can take when choosing furniture for your home. However, keep in mind these few guidelines when picking your suites or storage units, whether online or in person, will make your experience more empowering than exhausting.


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