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These 15 Bedroom Makeover Ideas Will Transform Your Bedroom!

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We love staycations at hotels because we get amazing bed experiences. However, let’s be honest. We all want to experience this comfort in our own bedrooms at home. Thus, these 10 bedroom makeover ideas to transform your little, guest, or master bedroom at home.

No matter your style preference, your bedroom should be a dream-worthy spot complete with comfy linens and furniture that matches your taste.

If you’re looking to update your current bedroom, this guide will help you discover bedroom makeover ideas and decor tips you can master the art of designing your perfect bedroom.

But before you start, there are styling tips to keep in mind before your makeover. Read on…

5 Pro Design Tips To Upscale Your Bedroom Look

These 15 Bedroom Makeover Ideas Will Transform Your Bedroom!

Courtesy: Mariana Mmaran

1. Pick Your Design Style

Your bedroom should reflect your personality and personal style. This room should also influence relaxation thanks to its calming ambiance.

  • Do you like minimalist interior with sleek, smooth, and clean lines? Go for modern decor.
  • Are you a fan of bohemian decor? Bring that look into your bedroom with mix-matched bedding and natural textures. You can also have mixed patterns and colors.
  • If vintage furniture, pale color palettes with a feminine feel that pair perfectly with whitewashed floors and walls, and glamorous chandeliers appeal to you, go for a shabby chic style.
  • Want to design a coastal space? Neutrals like whites paired with beige to mimic the sand, pops of blues to resemble the waters and light sheer fabrics will surely get the coastal vibe across.

Quick Tip…

If you’re unsure about your design style, you can get some inspiration from Pinterest, decor magazines like Elle Decor or Instagram, and try to decorate your bedroom to like that.

2. Choose Your Colors

To give your bedroom a fresh look, you want to choose the colors to work with, and those you don’t want to incorporate. This will influence the overall look and ambiance in your bedroom.

Neutral colors like soothing ice blues, cream whites, soft grays, and beige feel like fresh air when you walk into the room. They add an ethereal, dreamy quality to every space but also offers a ton of versatility, making it particularly well-suited for the bedroom.

Choosing your colors allows you to come up with a color palette, featuring colors that blend well.

Many decorators take a minimalist approach with color and add pops of color just to bring life to the room. A comforting color palette is what you need to fall asleep quicker.

You can paint your walls or bring in furniture, fabric, and bedding that features your favorite colors. And to inject a punch of color into your bedroom, an accent wall would take it to the next level.

Quick Tip…

Home Advisor talks about the 60:30:10 interior design rule. In this case, choose one dominant color to fill about 60% of the space-think the walls. You’ll find that most designers choose a neutral as their dominant hue because it can be built upon easily to create your preferred atmosphere.

Then, select a secondary and accent hue(s). A secondary color should fill about 30% of the room while accents take about 10%. This rule creates a balance in your décor, ensuring your room is neither under-stimulated nor overstimulated.

3. Consider the Size & Layout of Your Room

These 15 Bedroom Makeover Ideas Will Transform Your Bedroom!

Courtesy: Peli Pecas

The size and layout of your room will determine what space you have to work with. It will also affect the utilization of the space in regard to furniture arrangement. For instance, will you need room for a large closet or a home office in your bedroom?

The most common bedroom layouts include:

  • Small and narrow bedrooms enough for a bed. This layout needs one who can maximize the small room without overpowering the room. Multi-functional furniture will serve you best-think beds with hidden storage.
  • Full-size master bedrooms enough space for a queen- or king-size bed. You have space for bedside tables and lamps that extend to the majority of the wall, and a dresser and chair on the opposite wall. As well, a footbed bench.
  • Extra-long master suites. Due to the large space available, master suites often come with a walk-in closet, so forego the dresser in favor of more comfortable furniture. A reading corner, a desk, a bench, and a large plant can all help fill in awkward corners.

4. Clean your Space from Unnecessary Things and Clutter

These 15 Bedroom Makeover Ideas Will Transform Your Bedroom!

Courtesy: Life in Jeneral

Remove all items lying on tabletops including paperwork into the bin and arrange what should be, place dirty clothes in the hamper and neatly arrange your wardrobe and declutter your wardrobe if you have too.

Clean the floors, windows, and change to fresh curtains, sheets, rugs, and bed linens.

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5. Make Necessary Decor Purchases

In some cases, you might want to bring in new items for your bedroom after decluttering and considering the kind of style you want to achieve.

You can buy some new items and decors from the store or you can make your own. Sometimes, you might just need to re-arrange your bedroom’s furniture for a new look altogether.

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    Are you looking for more ideas for your bedroom makeover? Here are some ideas that will quickly transform the look and feel of your bedroom – from boring to stunning!

    15 Bedroom Makeover Ideas That Will Transform Your Bedroom!

    1. Refresh Your Walls!

    If you’ve experienced the feeling of looking around your bedroom and no longer being satisfied or inspired by its interior, there are quick ways to refresh your space and give it a new look. Your walls would be a good start!

    You can repaint your walls, or create an accent wall by adding wallpaper.

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     2. Upgrade Your Bed

    The bed should be the first thing you need to consider when arranging the furniture in the bedroom, whether small or large. Once you know where it should be placed, arranging the rest of your furniture will be a whole lot easier.

    Choosing a premium quality bed can improve the quality of your sleep immeasurably when compared to poor quality beds. This improved level of rest can actually have a big impact on the way we learn and how we store memories.

    3. Fix A HeadBoard

    While a headboard creates a focal point in your living room, it also provides comfort and support when sitting up in bed.

    The headboard design and style is one consideration when choosing a bed.  Most beds come with a headboard; however, sometimes you may buy a headboard separately. In the end, choose the type that speaks best to you and your design style to find something that compliments the decor in the room.

    If you grow tired of things easily, using curtains as a creative headboard lets you update your room to fit every season and mood.

    4. Use A Great Mattress

    A good quality mattress matters. Investing in your sleep by getting this item allows you to wake up feeling more refreshed, with more energy and less back pain. Check out these tips on how to select the right mattress for you.

    5. Fresh Layered Beddings

    Fresh-smelling and clean bedding is key to a comforting bedroom. And indeed, there’s nothing quite like coming home to a made bed. Even better when your bed looks professionally made.

    Layering is key to a beautiful bed. It gives your space an instantly glamorous upgrade, plus you’ll be beyond cozy in the wintertime. If you’re looking to give your bedding the layered look of your dreams, check out this article.

    6. Add Pillows & Throw Pillows

    Having the right bed pillows is not only comforting, but they also play an important role in keeping the upper body in alignment during sleep, relieving pressure, and counterbalancing the points in the body.

    Throw pillows are also low-investment accessories that can elevate the look of your space, add texture and color too.

    When decorating with pillows, put the larger pillows at the back and layer with smaller sizes in the front. And to save more, keep the same pillow inserts and buy pillow covers to swap whenever you want.

    These 15 Bedroom Makeover Ideas Will Transform Your Bedroom!

    Courtesy: Arseniy Karinskiy

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    7. Have Bedside Lighting

    Pros recommend light layering in the bedroom to keep the comforting ambiance. While dark bedrooms are great for sleeping, they hinder other activities like dressing or reading.

    On the other hand, bright lighting can affect the relaxing environment- some people can’t sleep in a brightly lit room.

    Since no single fixture can effectively serve all bedroom lighting needs, a combination of controlled task lighting and gentle ambient light is recommended: think wall-mounted lamps, pendant lamps, or a personalized nightstand.

    Pro Tip…

    The Spruce Blog shares this general rule that ‘you need one bedside lamp if you’re the only one sleeping in the bed, and two if you have a partner.

    If your bedroom is very large or your mattress is a king, two bedside lamps give better balance, regardless of whether you’re the only one using the room or not.’

    8. Optimize The Dresser

    The next thing to go inside the room after your bed is the dresser or closet. Your closet allows storage space for your clothes, and optimizing the space is key to ensure your space doesn’t look cluttered. Organize it well and it will make a style statement.

    Also, remember to keep enough space between the dresser or your closet that you can open all drawers and doors.

    In a small bedroom, and you have less space, tuck your chest or dresser in the closet to have more room space.

    9. Stand-out Curtains 

    Luxe window treatments add richness to your bedroom interiors. While neutral and minimalist curtains or draperies will add subtle and sophisticated texture to your room, boldly-colored curtains inject a much-desired pop of color into your room.

    If you particularly have bold bedroom furniture, wall art or beddings in a bold color, tie the room together by matching at least one color to your curtains.

    10. A Statement Piece of Art

    These 15 Bedroom Makeover Ideas Will Transform Your Bedroom!

    Courtesy: Gozdee 81

    Wall art can infuse personality to your bedroom’s decor, and create a focal point too. Add a great piece to your walls and be sure to keep the theme of your artwork in line with the decor you have chosen for a streamlined look.

    11. A Good Mirror

    These 15 Bedroom Makeover Ideas Will Transform Your Bedroom!

    Courtesy: Modernly You

    Hanging mirrors on the wall is also an excellent way to make a bedroom look larger. For more details on how to hang mirrors the right way, and how to take your decor to the next level with wall mirrors, check out this article.

    12. A Comfortable Rug

    Warm, comfy feet are happy feet!  A rug adds color, pattern, and texture to your bedroom space to give it a more polished and personal look. It’s also a super-easy way to refresh your space without breaking the bank!

    These 15 Bedroom Makeover Ideas Will Transform Your Bedroom!

    Courtesy: Mariana Mmaran

    13. A Seating Area

    Smaller bedroom furniture such as ottomans, benches, stools, and chairs provide extra seating, as well as a place to keep possessions like coats.

    A bench placed at the end of your bed elevates the look of your space while giving you a place to sit while putting on your shoes in the morning.

    If space allows, use a stylish accent chair to create a small seating area in your bedroom to sit, read, and unwind.

    14. Bring In The Green

    Houseplants bring a splash of green indoors, thus, we can’t ignore bringing them in the bedroom too. Lavender is great, lady palm and Areca palm grow tall and make a statement in your bedroom, and also lush ferns make such great hanging gardens!

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    15. A Tech-Free Zone

    These 15 Bedroom Makeover Ideas Will Transform Your Bedroom!

    Courtesy: Nermininsta

    We’re already spending too much time on our gadgets and this is affecting our sleeping habits. For a change, embrace a technology-free bedroom and watch how this changes your sleeping habits.

    It will also improve your wellbeing and relationship with yourself- if you journal and pray before bed- and with your partner too. In short, a technology-free bedroom will make you a happier person.

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    These 15 Bedroom Makeover Ideas Will Transform Your Bedroom!

    No doubt, these bedroom makeover ideas will inspire you to transform your space! We’d love to know your thoughts!

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