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A Step-by-Step Guide To Follow For Your Console Table Decor

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Looking for stylsh ideas for your console table decor?

Well, it’s no doubt that console tables are one of the most hardworking furniture pieces in the home. They can be used for storage, as bar carts, as buffet tables at your next brunch, or as staging areas for antiques.

These versatile pieces of furniture that grace most entryways or hallways are usually slender, and long, and can steal the show and create a welcoming ambiance for your guests. That’s why you cannot neglect your console table decor.

A Step-by-Step Guide To Follow For Your Console Table Decor
Courtesy: SBK Living

Most importantly, choose a console table that not only matches the decor of your home but one that is also functional, even if that means holding keys and mail by the front door.

With the right table and the correct placement, a console table can be used in a variety of ways and can add a lovely stylistic accent to any space. For ideas on how to style or revamp your console table, read this step-by-step guide for more!

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A Step-by-Step Guide On How to Style Your Console Table

When it comes to styling surfaces around the house, console tables are just as important as your coffee tables. When done right, these surfaces definitely steal the spotlight.

Since console tables are often located in the entryway, where a good first impression is crucial, follow these simple styling guide and let your console table stand out! Trust me, this will tie the whole place together.

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1. Start With The Surface

A Step-by-Step Guide To Follow For Your Console Table Decor
Courtesy: Crave Interiors

Depending on the space around your entryway, pick any console table that works for you. It should work with your interior design scheme.

It can be a stylish single-top console that allows you to stash baskets full of folded throws underneath, or can also have a pair of pull-out drawers that offer out-of-sight storage for smaller accessories.

Additionally, it can be a double-tier console table that offers more surface space for a row of books while the top shelf can be designated to the essentials, like a light to leave on for anyone coming home late and a catch-all for keys.

Styling Tip…

a) Stack Books on the Surface

Got some extra coffee table books? Stack them on your console. You can do one stack on the top surface and if your console has lower shelves, add another stack there.

The goal here is to balance your table and not overwhelm a particular shelf or side of the console with books.

b) Fill out the Shelves with Accents

To break the clean the vertical and horizontal lines, add uniquely-shaped pieces like a sculpture, a raw-edged wooden bowl, a platter of lemons for organic warmth, and greenery to soften the space.

However, you want to add these accents last with the aim of filling out the empty spaces, and ensuring you do not add clutter to your table.

2. Anchor Your Console Table

To create an anchor for your console table, consider a large item placed at the center of your console in order to tie it in place.

An anchor can be:

a) A Statement Piece of Art

Choose an oversized piece of artwork that stands out yet still blends with your decor, and hung it at this spot.

Whether it’s a vibrant floral piece or a Zen art, pick what you love. You can also consider hanging a set of four to six smaller pieces of artork arranged in a grid.

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    At the end of the day, you want to achieve a cohesive focal point that will serve as the foundation for the rest of your arrangement.

    b) A Statement Mirror

    While statement artwork helps to visually anchor your console on the wall, you can also prefer a statement mirror.

    Large centred circular mirrors are a popular choice. However, you can pick any shape, making sure that the longer side of the mirror is hung horizontally to mimic the proportions of the console table.

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    3. Inject Height

    When it comes to styling a console table, don’t be afraid of adding height. Layering the table with books and decorative boxes is great as long as you don’t clutter it, but remember to balance the tablescape by adding taller objects.

    Some of the ways of adding height include:

    a) Displaying Flowers in a Vase

    To create a welcoming statement in any entryway, add a touch of greenery. This could mean, fresh flowers or tropical leaves in a vase or, a cute pot with your favorite plant.

    These organic elements give life to your console table and make it more visually appealing.

    b) Highlighting with Lamps or Candlesticks

    You also want to add height to your console table by including a table lamp or even a sconce. These are powerful in an entryway, especially as the first thing you see when you come in the door.

    Every console table needs to be lit up in order to highlight that gorgeous space you just created!

    4. Go Underneath

    Your console table styling is not complete without some items underneath. To decorate below, depending on the type of your console table, you can:

    a) Slide In A Bench, Poufs or Stools

    Don’t be afraid to make your console table both functional and a focal point. Slide in an X-bench, poufs or stolls underneath to save on space and provide extra seating.

    If you have the room, creating a conversation nook with a bench paired with your perfect console table to give the entryway an additional purpose and further define the space. 

    b) Or A Basket

    A basket on the bottom tier of a console table is perfect for random items like scarves and sweaters but also looks stylish.

    Styling Tip..

    When styling your console table, the aim is to achieve balance. Make sure you are not placing everything in the middle or heavily on one side.

    Instead, create balance by adding objects to more than one side of the table, layering towards the center of the table. 

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    Never underestimate the power of a console table or hallway bench to transform a space. Thus, use these 4 tips that will add height, volume, and style to your console table thus, bringing loads of personality into your space. 

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    A Step-by-Step Guide To Follow For Your Console Table Decor

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