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9 Must-Have Powder Room Accessories

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9 Must Have Powder Room Accessories

Image Source: @Workshop APD

If you are just thinking about renovating your house or actually moving to a new home, then you should mind having a powder room finished with basic accessories in the plan. Also called a halfway bath, the powder room is such a significant part of the house.

So, let’s start with the basics…

What Is A Powder Room In The House?

9 Must Have Powder Room Accessories

Image Source: @Transformation By TCs

A powder room is a small bathroom that is normally composed of just a sink and a toilet.

Have you seen the room in a house where the ladies go in to touch up their make-up? That is the powder room! If you are not yet convinced about having a powder room, then here are 3 main reasons why you should:

3 Reasons Why You Need A Powder Room In Your House 

9 Must Have Powder Room Accessories

Image Source: @Lucas Interior

1. Keeps your bathroom private.

The bathroom is such a special room that should actually be individualized by any homeowner. Suppose your master ensuite has a bathroom or it is just adjacent to your walk-in closet, would you allow people into your bedroom just so they could access the bathroom? No!

And also, you would also want to keep your personal cosmetics and grooming products private. That goes to show that indeed, the powder room is such a necessity.

9 Must Have Powder Room Accessories

Image Source: @Mmlighting

2. Eases ‘traffic’ from the main bathroom.

Have you had to wait up in line for minutes before actually using the washrooms? Then you must understand that it is better to have a powder room in order to ease the commotion.

This is particularly important in case you have a lot of guests visiting or if you are a big family.

9 Must Have Powder Room Accessories

Image Source: @Anita Nader

3. Enhances convenience.

The powder room is usually located near the entry of public rooms like the living and dining rooms to make it easily accessible even by the guests. That way, they can help themselves or even freshen up without too much fuss.

Indeed, the powder room has to be that one room in your house that everyone seems to be visiting. This means that it becomes one of the most seen rooms in your house thus it must stand out!

Decorating a small room can be hard and requires more strategy than you would think.

First off, you can always play around with the colors to give your powder room that larger feel than it actually is. For example: painting the walls white would be amazing!

9 Must Have Powder Room Accessories

Image Sorce: @Hiral Jobalia Studio

9 Must Have Powder Room Accessories

Image Source: @Oakley Home Builders

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After that, give your powder room some extra touches that will turn it gram-worthy with these :

10 awesome powder room accessories

1.Fancy Faucets

9 Must Have Powder Room Accessories

Powder rooms are normally small hence they have fewer fixtures. But this should not give you a reason to actually have a boring atmosphere in the powder room.

Transform your powder room into a work of art by choosing a dramatic faucet fit for the gram! Now that’s modern and elegant!

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    2. A Bathroom Mirror

    9 Must Have Powder Room Accessories

    Image Source: @Interior Aesthete

    9 Must Have Powder Room Accessories

    Image Source: @Lola Moonn

    Add sparkle and shine to your powder room with a gorgeous bathroom mirror.

    Play around with mirror shapes and get a good one for your powder room- you can choose to mirror the entire wall, use double mirrors or also a round mirror. It’s your choice! But remember to ensure the frames are moisture resistant.

    After all, who never likes a good mirror selfie?

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    3. A luxurious floating sink

    9 Must Have Powder Room Accessories

    Image Source: @Falken Reynolds

    9 Must Have Powder Room Accessories

    Image Source: @The Old Barn

    9 Must Have Powder Room Accessories

    Image Source: @Porterte Leo

    The floating bathroom vanity is the new trend in town!

    It offers more space for storage and actually, some floating bathroom vanities have built-in cabinets. But before going for a floating sink, decide how much storage and counter space your powder room can provide.

    In the powder room, the sink has to be one of the statement pieces.  In this modern age, the floating vanity pops in the space right above the counter.


    4. A gram-worthy chandelier

    9 Must Have Powder Room Accessories

    Image Source: @Riad Tile

    9 Must Have Powder Room Accessories

    Most powder rooms tend to have no windows and if there are there, they are made small. That means that you must do a good job with the lighting.

    Instead of using some normal light bulbs, set the mood with a beautiful chandelier.

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    5. Luxurious washes and wipes

    9 Must Have Powder Room Accessories

    Image Source: @Liberty Interiors

    9 Must Have Powder Room Accessories

    Talk about that beautifully scented liquid hand soap, the bar soap in a nice soap dish and even the hand lotions. Your guests will appreciate a good lavender-scented soap or the eco-friendly makeup wipes!

    6. Bathroom Trays and Canisters

    9 Must Have Powder Room Accessories

    Image Source: @Holiday House Designs

    9 Must Have Powder Room Accessories

    A couple of glass or wooden canisters can be such a great addition to your powder room décor since they can provide such good storage for your soaps, cotton pads, makeup wipes, and even lotion.

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    7. A cosy mat

    For the ease of cleaning, most home owners prefer tiled floors which tend to be cold and slippery when wet. Hence, the need of that cosy cotton mat for people to stand on.

    8. Plush Towels

    9 Must Have Powder Room Accessories

    Image Source: @Lindye Galloway


    After washing your hands, you will always wish you had a soft, plush towel to wipe off the water before you can moisturize your hands, right? Well, get one for your guests and let them feel pampered all the way!

    9. Scented candles

    9 Must Have Powder Room Accessories

    Candles are so good that we light them during our facial or spa nights but we actually forget to bring them into the powder room as well! The scented candle releases such a reinforcing smell into the air that provides such an extraordinary sense of calm. You will want your powder room to be such a serene sanctuary, right?

    Beautiful Powder Room Ideas

    9 Must Have Powder Room Accessories

    Image Source: @Unamalan

    9 Must Have Powder Room Accessories

    Image Source: @MkWorkshop BK

    9 Must Have Powder Room Accessories

    Image Source: @Marilia Pellegrini

    9 Must Have Powder Room Accessories

    Image Source: @Marilia Pellegrini

    9 Must Have Powder Room Accessories

    Image Source: @Erica Gelman

    9 Must Have Powder Room Accessories

    Image Source: @Roverto Migotto

    9 Must Have Powder Room Accessories

    Image Source: @PS and Daughters

    Nothing makes your guests feel more pampered than a stylish, modern powder room. Incorporate these accessories in your powder room and beat the gram!

    But remember, after you are done setting up your powder room, watch it and ensure that it does not look so full and chaotic. A minimalist powder room is just okay!

    9 Must Have Powder Room AccessoriesWell, do you have a powder room in your house? Have you used any of these powder room accessories to beautify the space? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below…



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    1. Subhashish Roy says

      Having a powder room is a very good idea. It was so useful going through the accessories that we could look at to make the powder room nice & comfortable.

    2. Adriana says

      So many great ideas, we have a guest bathroom and are looking into renovating it. The floating option looks so cool and elegant. Thanks for the inspiration.

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        You’re welcome Adriana. Please go ahead with the renovation. I’m sure the floating sink will look just as beautiful for your guests.

    3. The Mami Cam says

      Love the tips! And yes! I need one in my house 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    4. physio-sports says

      it is impressive, with a decoration like that we do not want any more to leave the bathroom hhhhh ……really it’s a great corner

    5. David Elliott says

      I do think the fancy sink is kind of cool. A nice light fixture would be a really great thing as well. We have a powder room upstairs and I need to do work on mine for sure.

    6. Clarice says

      Oh! This is timely. We’re actually planning to renovate our powder room. Love your glass dome for the scented candle. It’s really beautiful. Saving your post for future reference.

    7. Sarah Bailey says

      Hands up I would love to have any of these in the bathroom, I’ve always fancied a fancy set of taps and some gorgeous floating items.

    8. Tiffany says

      A powder room in the house sounds good. Great tips! Thanks for sharing ♥️ ♥️ Let me know if you are interested in doing collabs! xx

    9. Michael says

      Not a need but a pleasure to have really esp for girls. That space might just give the comfort and me time we need daily haha

    10. leah says

      I love the spaces shown here! I always enjoy having organizers for my things!

    11. Chad says

      So many great ideas I especially like the white counter with the mirrors. Very nice!

    12. Marjie Mare says

      I can’t live without scented candles and they are a must in my bathroom. I agree with the must-have you shared. Everything looks so beautiful

    13. maysz says

      the designs of the restroom look so clean and comfortable I like it! We have scented candles too in our bathroom.

    14. Chelle Dizon says

      Investing in a quality bathroom mirror and good lighting is really a must for your powder room. Thanks for all these awesome suggestions to make that space relaxing and elegant looking.

    15. Alvern @ Success Unscrambled says

      I have a powder room already but it doubles as a utility room. Your powder room accessories are sure to make it so comfortable that your guests may not want to leave. I have seen powder rooms with magazine racks as well as books. How long are guests supposed to stay? Lol!

      • Dalene Ekirapa says

        Haha! That’s hilariously amazing! Trust me, if it had a magazine rack, I’d be there taking some gram shots with a Vogue magazine. They might even forget that I was actually using the powder room!

    16. aisasami says

      Nice ideas but I can’t have a powder room in my apartment as it is kind of small for one and I live by myself.

    17. samantha says

      I would love to have the backstage cast lights from those makeup mirrors for my new bathroom. I would always feel like a movie star!

    18. Farrah Less says

      This is a very nice set up of powder room cozy and neat. I always want to make our own bathroom some thing like this thank for the ideas.

    19. Rosey says

      Fancy faucets make my day. I think they make all the difference in the world.

    20. Alexandra Cook says

      This is such a great list. I am known to over accessorize anything; this will guide me!

    21. Janay says

      Seriously my bathroom is probably my favorite room in my house! I agree a good bathroom mirror is a must! I love decorating my bathroom so a cozy pretty mat and set is also a must!

    22. melissa major says

      wow I wish my flat has a powder room, they sound so handy and I just love the designs of them too! This post is definatly inspiration for when I get a powder room hopefully in the future!



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