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10 Best Bubble Lodges Around the World

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10 Best Bubble Lodges Around the World

When it comes to experiencing terrific outdoors in the comfort of your hotel room, bubble lodges are the next big thing.

Thanks to the rising glamping trend, hotels are now looking for fancier options and the latest in glamping takes the concept of ‘uninterrupted views’ to a new extreme.

Staying in a bubble lodge provides unparalleled views of the outdoors right from the comfort of your bed.

Talk about starry nights and breathtaking landscapes!

And thanks to the fact that these habitable bubbles are built of recyclable material, they promote eco-friendly accommodation in every way!

You just have to choose the right bubble that ensures your privacy- could be transparent or tinted!

Also, be sure to check that your bubble lodge provides air-conditioning systems for the best stays.

So, if you’re an outdoor enthusiast, we share the 10 best bubble lodges around the world, where you can have a unique and unparalleled glamping experience.

Good enough, these bubble lodges are championing the need for eco-retreats just as much as treehouse retreats do.

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10 Best Bubble Lodges Around the World

1. Bubble Lodge, Mauritius

10 Best Bubble Lodges Around the World

Image Credits: Bubble Lodge Mauritius

Location: Ile aux Cerfs region

On the tropical island within the Indian Ocean lies quirky bubble-shaped accommodations in a serene Eco lodge featuring lake views and a golf course.

Spend your night here under the stars in a historic tree plantation in Bois Cheri, Mauritius.

If you think that staying at this Bubble Lodge will be like your typical glamping experience, think again!

10 Best Bubble Lodges Around the World

Image Credits: Bubble Lodge Mauritius

Staying at the Bubble Lodge allows you to experience luxury in a bubble with an extra element of privacy and comfort.

The bubble is extremely spacious, with a lounge area and a small bathroom. Although the outdoor shower with warm water will be your hotspot.

With breakfast and dinner inclusive of the rates and a personal butler at your service, get to experience a sensational haven on Ile aux Cerfs.

Definitely right up your alley!

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    2. Rock and Sea Resort, Kenya

    10 Best Bubble Lodges Around the World

    Image Credits: Rock and Sea Watamu

    Location: Watamu, Kenya

    Watamu is not only a beautiful coastal destination in Kenya but the town is really championing the need for sustainable accommodation.

    With the eco-friendly Watamu Tree House and the Rock and Sea Bush Bubble Lodge, visitors to the destination will be in a rut on where to spend the night.

    10 Best Bubble Lodges Around the World

    Image Credits: Rock and Sea Watamu

    10 Best Bubble Lodges Around the World

    Image Credits: Rock and Sea Watamu

    The Bubble Lodge and gourmet restaurant sits on the protected Watamu Marine Park and provides fantastic views of Mida Creek, Arabuko Sokoke Forest, and the Indian Ocean.

    For those seeking to romantic candlelit dinners in the middle of the savanna, Rock and Sea Resort Watamu promises a magical dining experience with exquisite local cuisine.

    3. Jungle Bubbles, Bangkok, Thailand

    Location: Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp and Resort, Bangkok, Northern Thailand

    Imagine glamping in the middle of Northern Thailand’s jungle, watching the majestic elephants right from your deck at dusk and stargazing through a transparent roof at night.

    This unparalleled experience is a reality at the Jungle Bubbles in Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp and Resort.

    Positioned on raised wooden decks, the two Jungle Bubbles are fully air-conditioned and spacious enough to ensure a comfortable stay.

    Relax inside the massage spa while enjoying a three-country view, explore local tea plantations, and definitely, spend the night with majestic elephants.

    4. Beach Bubble Tent, Finolhu, Maldives

    10 Best Bubble Lodges Around the World

    Image Credits: Finolhu Maldives

    Location: Seaside Resort at Kanifushi, Baa Atoll, Maldives

    The Maldives, the tropical romantic getaway, never falls short when it comes to offering luxurious and eclectic retreats with buzzy bon-vivant vibes.

    And the Maldives resort of Finolhu is no exception, offering a refreshing burst of fun by the sea.

    Since Baa Atoll is a UNESCO-protected destination where fish and corals unfold in a variety of colors, the blue waters and the beach all together make Finolhu your dream place!

    10 Best Bubble Lodges Around the World

    Image Credits: Finolhu Maldives

    Good enough, at Finolhu is an eco-friendly Bubble Lodge: the Beach Bubble Tent.

    Alone on the sandbank and sleeping under the stars, you will enjoy an unforgettable cosmic experience with the Milky Way shining across the dark clear skies..

    The Bubble is well furnished including a shower and WC to ensure you’re comfortable all night long.

    You also get to enjoy complimentary lunch and signature dining on your exciting Maldives vacation.

    You will love the private beach barbecue and breakfast on the beach!

    5. Campera Hotel Burbuja, Mexico

    10 Best Bubble Lodges Around the World

    Image Credits: Campera Hotel

    Location: in the Valle de Guadalupe wine region in Baja California, Mexico

    Imagine resting under the firmament, surrounded by vines in a wine region? Yes, please!

    Campera Hotel features a number of bubble suites complete with a furnished bedroom, full bathroom, and a kitchenette.

    The suites have perfect air conditioning, heating, and color lighting to provide you a comfortable stay as you sleep cabana-style!

    Also, enjoy a Baha’s culinary experience, the magical Mexican wine and also, play golf along with skilled players at Docepiedras.

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    6. Bubble Tent, Australia

    10 Best Bubble Lodges Around the World

    Image Credits: Bubble Tent Australia

    Location: Capertree, New South Wales, Australia

    In the land of naturally breathtaking landscapes and rich wildlife will you find luxury off-grid glamping accommodation in stunning settings by day with starry skies at night.

    So if gazing at the sky is your idea of the perfect vacation, better visit this Bubble Tent.

    Bubble Tent Australia features three unique bubble lodges that provide you with a panoramic view of the Australian landscapes.

    The Virgo bubble offers the view of the Capertree Valley that you can marvel to as you dip in a warm wood-fired hot tub, the Cancer Bubble is tucked on top of towering cliffs while Leo, the first-born Bubble, stands high and proud on a rolling hill.

    Catch golden sunsets, starry nights and the amazing Milky Way. And on a hot day, enjoy a Swedish warm wood-fired hot tub bath.

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    7. Bubble Luxotel Wadi Rum, Jordan

    10 Best Bubble Lodges Around the World

    Image Credits: Wadi Rum Bubble

    Location: Wadi Rum, southern Jordan

    Wadi Rum is a scenic desert in southern Jordan.

    The desert landscape features narrow gorges, sandstone arches, towering cliffs, caverns, inscriptions, rock carvings and archaeological remains making it one of the most popular attractions in the country.

    This incredible travel destination that has hosted Hollywood movies including Disney’s Alladin attracts luxury glamping tourists or other visitors on a Jordan itinerary.

    The Wadi Rum Bubble tents promise a unique glamping experience.

    The tents are extremely spacious and modern with en-suite bathrooms and the guests are treated warmly.

    Since the Bubble tents are so many that your head would spin, you can choose any Bubble wisely.

    Some don’t have full air conditioning systems while others will have you sacrifice your privacy to enjoy the starry night.

    But to make it easier for you, reserve a stay at the Bubble Luxotel.

    The spacious world of luxury has an extensive living space inside and out with panoramic views, an individually-controlled air conditioning system, an en-suite bathroom, bathrobes and toiletries for a comfortable overnight stay.

    8. Aire de Bardenas, Spain

    10 Best Bubble Lodges Around the World

    Image Credits: Follow My Path

    Location: Bardenas desert, north of Spain.

    The Aire de Bardenas is an award-winning luxury hotel renowned for its modern architecture, minimalist design and strategic setting in the beautiful landscape of the UNESCO biosphere reserve of Las Bardenas Reales.

    The ecological jewel is surrounded by wheat fields and promises the most Instagrammable see-through bubbles that will ensure you gaze into the beauty of the barren environment and the starry nights.

    Apart from the surreal experience of sleeping in these well-conditioned and well-furnished bubbles, you can also visit Bardenas Reales National Park.

    9. Attrap Reves, France

    10 Best Bubble Lodges Around the World

    Image Credits: Attrap Reves

    Location: Allauch, France

    Attrap Reves invites you to an unusual and romantic night with a complete cosmic experience.

    Considered the most original hotel in France, all visitors have a dynamic service team ready to ensure an unforgettable stay and a cozy climate-controlled accommodation complete with well-equipped suites.

    This innovative hotel built using recyclable materials is the ultimate way to immerse yourself in the woods-from the luxury of your king-sized bed!


    You can be sure to catch panoramic views of the surrounding countryside in Allauch. And to discover the Milky Way, Attrap Reves provides visitors with a telescope and a star chart. How thoughtful!

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    10. Finn Lough, Northern Ireland

    10 Best Bubble Lodges Around the World

    Image Credits:Finn Lough

    Location: Lough Erne in Fermanagh County, Northern Ireland.

    Visiting Northern Ireland this year? Then take a romantic break and stay at the Finn Lough luxury hideaway.

    These bubble lodges offer one of the best glamping experiences in the leafy banks of Lough Erne.

    With no WiFi or television, you can switch off from the hustle and bustle of the busy daily routines and enjoy the natural calm of the surrounding woodland.

    10 Best Bubble Lodges Around the World

    Image Credits: Finn Lough

    The fully-knitted bubble domes feature a bedroom and living area, an en-suite bathroom, complete with an electric shower, bathrobes and slippers, and even a telescope to ensure your fancy the constellations above your head.

    Have you stayed at any of these Eco-friendly bubble lodges already? Share your experience in the comments below…

    Enjoy Glamping!

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